Naagin April 20, 2019 Written Update: Bela and Mahir find a clue about Tamsi’s energy

Today in Naagin we see how Bela, Vish, and Vikrant fail in their plan of getting Tamsi’s evil powers to leave her soul. Later, Bela finds a clue about the herbal drink which gave Tamsi her energy.
Naagin April 20, 2019 Written Update: Bela and Mahir find a clue about Tamsi’s energyNaagin April 20, 2019 Written Update: Bela and Mahir find a clue about Tamsi’s energy
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In the previous episode, we see how Bela, Vish, Vikrant, and Mahir manage to bring Tamsi to the haveli where Aghori Baba was creating the havan kund to destroy her evil powers. Later, in the turn of events, Tamsi kills Aghori Baba and Bela starts with the proceedings which Aghori baba wanted to do. Here, Sumitra had lit a fire outside the haveli to distract Bela and the rest. Bela tells Vish, who was holding Tamsi that once her chants will be over, a powerful source of energy will release which has to fall on Tamsi. Tamsi requests Vishakha to release her and puts an act that she was in pain. Tamsi gets unconscious and Vishakha releases Tamsi to make her breath.

Tamsi tricks them and runs away. She uses her evil powers to throw sharp objects on Vish, Vikrant, Bela, and Mahir while the try to escape from her attack. Tamsi comes out where Sumitra, Rohini, and Alekh were waiting while Bela tries to free Mahir who got trapped under the fallen pillars. Later, Bela tells Vish, Vikrant, and Mahir that Tamsi wanted something that she had and she wanted to show her powers to them. Here, Tamsi tells Sumitra that she wanted to acquire the Naagmani from Bela. Bela and the rest solve the mystery and come to know Tamsi wanted to get the Naagmani from Bela. Bela swears that she wouldn’t let Naagmani go to a wrong person and that she will guard it with her life. When Bela and the rest reach home, Sumitra mocks them for their failure while Tamsi gets revengeful seeing them alive.

Tamsi threatened Bela that they were about to die in the haveli while Bela tells Tamsi that they were still alive and that she will not let Tamsi’s good powers leave her soul. Tamsi gets agitated and tells Bela not to mistake her to be a child as there was no one who could match up to her evil powers. Tamsi challenges Bela to fight with her and tells her to defeat her evil powers if she can. Later, Bela tells Vish that there was still a way to take Tamsi in their control before she turns eighteen and that they have to get to know about the time when Tamsi develops her powers. Mahir gets the CCTV footage of the house which they agree to see in turns. Vish and Vikrant take the first turn and starts the footage. They got done with their shift, finding nothing meaningful and comes to Mahir and Bela who would take their shift next. Bela finds a clue and calls Vish to inform her about an herbal drink which presumably gave Tamsi the energy she needed. She tells Vish and the rest that they needed to get to know what the drink was. 

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