Naagin February 10, 2019 Update: Mahir accepts Bela as a shape-shifter

Today in Naagin we see Mahir accepting Bela even though he learns that Bela is a shape-shifter rather than being a normal human.
Ekta Kapoor,Surbhi Jyoti,Rajat Tokas,Rakshanda Khan,Naagin,Serial updates,Anita Hasannandani Naagin February 10, 2019 Update: Mahir accepts Bela as a shape-shifter
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In the previous episode, we have seen how Bela gives the Naagmani to Maahir and sends him to Naaglok to save his life from Sumitra and the rest. We have seen how Maahir escapes the danger and tries hard to go back to his own world. Bela, on the other hand, goes to the Naaglok behind Maahir to get him back. Here, Andy throws Sumitra and the rest out of the house as they have learned the truth of Sumitra and he more wanted people like her in the house. Today’s episode starts with Bela frantically searching for Mahir and ultimately finding him. She is worried as she assumes that Mahir will no more love Bela as by now, Mahir must have got his memory of the past back. Mahir, on the other hand, is seen overwhelmed to find Bela when he confesses his love for Bela which shocks Bela as she assumed it to be reversed. Mahir also tells Bela that he is too much in love with Bela and that whether or not she is a naagin does not bother him, when Bela explains to him that even though she is equally in love with Mahir their relationship is impossible as she was a naagin and him, a human.

While the whole conversation was happening between Bela and Mahir, Mahir is taken down by few snakes and Bela tries to save Mahir from their custody. Bela and Mahir fight the members of Naaglok and Bela realizes that Mahir has regained his memory completely.  Here, Vish and Vikrant worry about Bela and Mahir after what the baba had informed them previously and Vish wants to go and rescue them while Alekh is seen keeping a watch on their every move. Bela also updates Mahir about Vikrant’s dual face and that he had duped Bela and Vish along with everyone to get the Naagmani for Sumitra. Bela swears on avenging Vikrant’s murder for cheating on them.

Bela and Mahir are seen romancing each other while they confess their love for each other. Today’s episode was also the integration of Naagin with Kehne Ko Humsafar web series which is soon releasing on this Valentine’s Day where the plot of the show clubs with the cast of the web series, Mona Singh and Ronit Roy and promotes their show.

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