Naagin March 16, 2019 Written Update: Bela learns about Hukum’s real plan

Today in Naagin we see how Bela tricks Huzoor and learns about their plan to chase Bela. Later, Bela learns Hukum’s plan of making physical contact with Bela to give birth to Andhakasur.
Naagin March 16, 2019 Written Update: Bela learns about Hukum’s real plan
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Yuvi instigates Ruhi against Krish being Juhi and while Ruhi goes in her room to verify the truth, Juhi finally gets her powers back. Seeing Krish aka Juhi in the room, Ruhi gets annoyed with Yuvi and ignores his plead. Bela and Vish gets hold of the potion which was a retrenchment against all supernatural powers. Here, Ruhi calls Mahir and Juhi for a test to make sure Yuvi’s doubt was baseless and that Ruhi got married to real Krish. Ruhi tells everyone that Hukum had given her a magical ring by which she can reveal the true identity of any person. On hearing this, Mahir plays smart and tricks Ruhi aka Huzoor into changing his place with Juhi. Huzoor finds Krish aka Mahir to be true and takes him inside. Here, Juhi expresses her concern in front of Bela that she was having difficulty changing her face because of the potion. Bela decides on doing like Huzoor wanted in order to understand their intention. Vish and Vikrant tries to warn her about the ill effect the potion had but Bela was adamant to know the true identity of Huzoor. In the meantime, Ruhi tells Mahir which she thought was Krish, to make Bela drink the potion. Here, Huzoor instructs Yuvi and Sumitra to set up the rituals for tonight.


Mahir makes Bela promise that she won’t risk her life for anything which makes Bela emotional. Bela and Vish leaves for the dungeon while Vikrant disguised as Hukum’s member, misleads Huzoor and takes her to Sumeru Partvat. Vish warns Bela about the danger that prevailed for them at the Sumeru Parvat, where they were heading towards while Bela explains Vish about the importance of taking risks to know the truth. While heading towards the Sumeru Parvat, Bela tells Vish about the plan she had thought in order to trap Huzoor. Bela self-changes herself into Hukum’s costume and confronts Huzoor, who reveals that Hukum wanted to initiate physical connections with Bela and give birth to a supreme powerful child, Andhakasur. The child with Hukum and Bela’s combined powers would be an undefeated power who would have no comparison. Vikrant further probes Ruhi to know the plan and before Huzoor could reveal the entire plan, Hukum stabs Huzoor. Hukum catches hold of Bela and makes her drink the potion. Hukum declares that Bela will soon have to be Andhakasur’s mother, who’s animalism would be incomparable. Bela and Vikrant try to fight Hukum, just when Hukum’s people come and capture Vikrant. Bela reasons out with Hukum that even if she couldn’t change herself into someone else, she could always go to her original form. Before Bela could attack Hukum, Vish was captured by Hukum’s people which makes Bela pause.

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