Naagin May 11, 2019 Written Update: Tamsi gets bruised by Bela’s bite

In the latest episode of Naagin 3, we see how Vishakha comes to meet Mohit’s family as Raima Sinha, his girlfriend while Tanya aka Tamsi gets raged to see Vish there. Later, Bela injures Tamsi by biting her.
Naagin May 11, 2019 Written Update: Tamsi gets bruised by Bela’s biteNaagin May 11, 2019 Written Update: Tamsi gets bruised by Bela’s bite
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In the previous episode, we see how Shraavni learns about her true form about being a self-changing serpent while her parents get shocked when they come to know about Bela’s truth. Later, Tamsi threatened Sumitra for trying to get Mahir married to someone else while she was impatient to get the Naagmani. Raima Sinha, Mohit’s girlfriend comes to meet his family while Rohini and Sumitra get shocked to see Vishakha getting married to Mohit as Raima. Here, Shraavni narrates her past life and the incidents which happened with her to her parents. Shraavni’s mother gets emotional to learn about Shraavni’s story of revenge however, she doesn’t want to let go of her.

She tries to make her parents understand about the purpose of her life and takes leave. She comes to the house where she and Mahir lived and just when she was reminiscing her moments with him, Mihir peeps out of the window and sees her stand there. Bela looks at Mihir with a hope that he might remember his past life, seeing Bela there. Just when Bela was about to call for him, Mohit comes and tells Mihir to get ready for the engagement. In the meantime, the family gets together to welcome Mihir and Mohit with their would-be brides. Sumitra expresses her feelings to Kanika and tells her that she was immensely happy to see both Mihir and Mohit get engaged. Amber Bua dislikes Sumitra’s comment and mocks her for intruding in her family. Just while they were arguing, few electricians come and along with them, Bela comes inside. She waits for her in the room just when Vikshakha comes to meet Bela. They both were discussing Tamsi, when Tanya comes in the room and introduces herself as Tamsi, who had become undefeatable. Tamsi makes Bela remember everything about how ruthlessly she got killed by her and Bela gets enraged seeing Tamsi boast about her wrongdoings.

Bela and Vish warn Tamsi aka Tanya about the consequences, however, Tamsi mocked them for getting married to Bela’s Mahir aka Mihir. Bela gets furious and bites Tamsi just when she turned around to leave and Tamsi’s face was left bruised. Vishakha aka Raima comes and tells everyone that Tanya had popped a few pills to enhance her beauty and that had a side effect on her. Everyone decides to get the engagement postponed while Sumitra suggests they push the marriage as well. Here, Bela gets emotional to see Mihir there and thinks to self that even if she took her revenge with Tamsi, would Mahir recollect who he was in his past life and reconcile with her. She was about to leave, just when she trips over a loose wire.

To her shock, Mihir had saved her from falling and asked her why was she unhappy. Mihir asks Bela whether or not she was upset as he was getting married to someone else. The question left Bela baffled and wonders whether or not it was possible for Mihir to have glimpses of his past life. He tells Bela that he felt as if he had met her before, however, he himself finds his statement contradicting and his behaviour, weird. In the meantime, Tamsi gets frustrated to see her bruised face and that Sumitra wasn’t being able to cure her. While Sumitra tries to convince Tamsi that Bela was a new snake and that her poisonous bite wouldn’t hurt her, Tamsi mocks Sumitra and tells her to not underestimate her, as the consequences were in front of them. Later, while Bela and Vishakha were trying to estimate the probability of where the Naagmani could be, Vikrant joins them and tells them that he had come there as Vishakha aka Raima’s friend. Vishakha tells Bela that the Naagmani was spelled and that it was of no good to bring Mihir’s memory back. 



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