Naagini 2, 29 October 2021, Written Update: Reena gets kidnapped

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Reena gets kidnapped
Naagini 2, 29 October 2021, Written Update: Reena gets kidnapped (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today’s episode, Shivani asks Trishul why he thinks the snake will harm him and Trishul tells her it’s obvious that the snake hasn’t been around him to show love and tells him he will kill the snake if he spots it again. Reena comes to meet Ajit and turns around and tells her that he loves her. He turns back and sees some goons dragging Reena and taking her away and runs behind them. 

Shivani recalls what Trishul said and cries. Digvijay comes and apologises to Shivani for what Trishul did to her and tells her that he’ll take care of her clone, but Shivani tells him that she is determined to know who the clone is. Samrat calls Digvijay and tells him that he has kidnapped Reena and tells him to arrange the money. Digvijay tells him to not harm his daughter and Samrat tells him to hurry. Ajit follows the goons and transforms into an eagle and tries to stop them. Reena escapes in the meantime and Ajit fights the goons. Shivani’s clone hits Ajit from behind and Reena asks Shivani’s clone why did she hit him and the clone takes Reena and goes. Shivani goes to naaglok and prays to God Shiva why he’s punishing her like that and asks him for his help. 

Ajit comes home and tells Digvijay that Reena was kidnapped by Shivani. Trishul is shocked and tells Shivani is in the house. Trishul goes to search for Shivani but is unable to find her in her room. Digvijay wonders if Ajit is telling the truth. The goons inform Samrat that they couldn’t get Reena. Reena asks Shivani’s clone why she’s doing this and she tells she can’t answer all her questions. Shivani reaches where Reena is and asks her clone who she is. The clone tells Shivani that she’s here for the naagmani.


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