Naagini 2, 30th November 2021, Written Update: Shivani manages to stop sarpayaga

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Naagini 2, 30th November 2021, Written Update: Shivani manages to stop sarpayaga (Image: Still from Naagini 2)

In today’s episode, Shivani reaches Subramanya temple but can’t enter. Shivani pleads with Subramanya Swami to help her. Shivani shapeshifts into a snake and gets water and spits it out to drop the barrier stopping her. Shivani kneels down and prays to Subramanya Swami to help her figure out a way to stop the sarpayaga and save Trishul. Subramanya Swami presents himself in front of her and Shuvani joins her hand and greets him. Subramanya Swami tells her that the sarpayaga has already started and nothing can be done.

Shivani tells he helped Vasuki, so she should help adishesha as well. Subramanya tells it’s not possible. Shivani pleads Subramanya to help her as naagaloka can only be saved by him. God Subramanya agrees but tells her he would have to test her. Subramanya tells her to please her with his favourites and Shivani agrees. 

Digvijay tells he won’t be at peace until he kills adishesha. Nandisha tells only the face is left to be revealed. Shivani asks Subramanya to come with her and shows him a lot of mangoes she collected for him. Subramanya is happy with her deed and agrees to help her.

Baba tells something is stopping the sarpayaga. Nandisha asks how is this possible. All the snakes come out of the ritual alive. Baba tells someone must’ve asked Subramanya Swami’s help. Shuvani thanks Subramanya Swami and he blesses her by saying adishesha will completely be hers in some time. Trishul transforms into a snake and goes to the jungle. Shivani comes there and Trishul asks how did they reach here. Shivani tells him that they just came for a walk.

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