Naamkaran 25th September 2017 Written update - Avni and Juhi hope to escape from Rang Mahal

Avni is confident that Neil will help her escape from Rang Mahal.

Updated on Sep 26, 2017 09:48 AM IST  |  1.5M
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Dayavanthi mockingly takes out nazar of Avni and Meher (Juhi). She says that Juhi foolishly returned to rang Mahal, to save Avni, and Avni was desperate to save Juhi and herself walked into a place like rang mahal. She mocks their friendship. Avni questions her about how she got out of jail angrily. But Dayavanthi says she can do anything she wants and that she and Juhi remind her of Ayesha and Neela. She compares their fate and misfortune. And then tells Juhi a story of two friends and two enemies. Avni agitated, shouts at her, but she stops her and says that this is not Neil’s police station.

She goes onto tell Juhi, the story of Avni’s mom, Ayesha and Neela. And about how both the women loved the same man. She talks about how Juhi and Avni also share the same story. But Avni reacts to this and asks her to stop it. But Dayavanthi, goes on to tell Juhi the truth about Avni being Neil’s wife and takes them along to a projector room. Juhi is confused. But Dayavanthi shows her pictures, trying to portray the story of what she’s saying. Juhi is shocked that Neil is now Avni’s husband.

Neela goes to Neil’s house, Harleen reassures Neela, that no one can come in between them and to have faith in God. Neela is still worried that Avni will sacrifice everything for Neil’s happiness. That even she had done the same for Ashish. But she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Avni. Swetha asks if Juhi is really alive? And Neela says that yes, she is. And gives a mouthful to Swetha for all her misdeeds towards Avni. Harleen says that she will speak to Neil and everything will be okay.

Dayavanthi is happy to see the distressed state of both Juhi and Avni. Avni tells her she won’t let her do the same thing to her, that she did to her mother. And says that God will punish her. And Dayavanthi challenges her. Avni questions her status of being a mother and says that her end is near. Dayavanthi walks away and then as Avni tries to talk to Juhi, so does she.

Neela restless tries Neil’s number and then goes to meet him, but some people arrive wanting to help in Avni’s disappearance.  

Avni approaches Juhi, and Juhi questions her, asking if she is trying to be great by helping her out. Then Avni tries to convince her that that is not the case. Juhi then tells her to help Ali instead, and that he is captured in rang Mahal and that once a girl is branded with the tag of being in rang Mahal, that the society will always look down on her.

Avni tries to tell her, that it is not their fault that she was wrongly branded, and that Neil will help her get free from here. And they both should fight against Dayavanthi and Raagini.

Those people who come to meet Neela, tell her they are willing to do anything to help Avni. Neela says she has something to do for them.

Juhi is still unsure about their freedom, but Avni says they will do it starting, 12 ‘o’ clock tonight.

Neela says that some papers are missing from her cupboard and she needs to find it and if it is possible to know who took it. Those people say they will find out.

Someone comes and tells Juhi to dress up and get ready to dance. And that Avni must go sit quietly in a room waiting for a customer. Juhi tells her not to go on the upstairs floor and to stay in the room only.

Harleen is worried about Avni. And Swetha is upset hearing all this too. And she feels regret for having been evil with Avni. Harleen angry with Swetha asks Sunny not to speak to Swetha because she won’t understand anything. Swetha breaks down feeling extremely guilty.

Juhi dances in Rang Mahal and Dayavanthi calls her towards the side, asking her to come with her. Avni is walking, and wondering what is there upstairs that she was forbidden to go there. Dayavanthi tells her that Juhi can escape from there but she must betray Avni and make sure Avni is stuck here. And that she can then spend her life with Neil. And that she will regret if she betrays Dayavanthi instead.

Avni goes to the top floor, and sees Dayavanthi coming with Juhi and hides. She goes to a locked room and hears Ali’s voice from inside.

Next episode- She leaves a smoke bomb onto Billo, who tries to take advantage of her. Raagini says that no one can escape from rang mahal once entered. But Neil shows Ragini a search warrant.

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