Patiala Babes November 6, 2019 Written Update: Diwali celebrations

In the latest episode of Patiala Babes, we see how Hanuman gets a little worried about Mini's relation with her father but his constable asks him to have patience and handle the situation well. Later Babita, Mini, and Hanuman together decorate the house for the Diwali celebrations.
Patiala Babes November 6, 2019 Written Update: Diwali celebrationsPatiala Babes November 6, 2019 Written Update: Diwali celebrations
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Mini and Babita decorate the house and prepare for the Diwali festival. Mini calls Lala, a constable in Hanuman’s police station and makes him write the list of things that they needed for the puja. Hanuman tells Lala about the letter he had received from Mini’s father’s end. Lala tells Hanuman that he should not hide the truth about the letter from Mini, as she would never forgive her father. Hanuman tells Lala that although Mini’s father was a criminal, but she was a child and might develop a soft corner for her father. He also tells Lala that they were settled with each other and that he did not want any unwanted tension in the family.

Mini assures Babita that she had made Lala note all the things and that he would be coming any minute with the shopping. While conversing, the stool that Mini was standing on wobbles and Hanuman promptly saves her from the fall. Just then, Lala comes in with the bag and hands over the things to Babita. Lala accidentally brings a flower which Babita had an allergy from and she starts sneezing.

Meanwhile, Mini goes to meet Naeem Bi and help her decorate the house. She tells Naeem Bi that they should perform the Diwali puja at Patiala Babes’ shop too. Naeem Bi tells Mini about Babita’s ignorance towards the venture and expresses her disappointment regarding the same. She tells Mini that the owner had the responsibility to look after the business on his own and manage the work, but since Babita was ignorant, they were running into losses.

Here, Khatri tells Kammo about his plan to buy Patiala Babes. Kammo gets awestruck and questions Khatri about it. Khatri tells Kammo that they had misused the contacts that Patiala Babes had and had used them in their favour. He also tells Kammo that since they knew the insides of Patiala Babes, he was able to obtain a tender which would bankrupt Patiala Babes. Kammo gets elated and tells Khatri that she wanted to see Babita suffer. Khatri tells Kammo that he would send the legal papers for Patiala Babes to Babita soon.

Mini, Babita and Hanuman sit for the Laxmi puja. Babita tells Mini that Hanuman would start the puja, as the house runs from the man’s earning. Babita’s words pinch Mini, who retaliated. Babita shuts Mini and tells her to follow the customs rather than unnecessary retaliation. Hanuman tries to convince Babita but she tells him to teach Mini the customs rather than supporting her in everything.

After the Laxmi puja, Mini goes to the Patiala Babes’ shop and completed the offering to God with Shammi, Khurrana and Naeem Bi. Naeem Bi tells Mini that she did a wonderful task to lighten the shop, as it gave a new hope to her. Mini tells Naeem Bi not to lose hope, as Babita would someday realize the importance of being independent. Later, Khatri sends a box of sweet at Babita’s house. Just then, Mini comes and get excited to see the box of sweets. She opens the box to find some legal papers which she hands over to Hanuman. Hanuman also finds a hand written letter in the box and they all get shocked.

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