Patiala Babes November 7, 2019 Written Update: The Will

In the latest episode of Patiala Babes, we see how Babita wants to sell Patiala Babes while Mini receives a full scholarship at a foreign university. Later, Mini learns about the will Babita’s parents had left.
Patiala Babes November 7, 2019 Written Update: The WillPatiala Babes November 7, 2019 Written Update: The Will
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In previous episode, we see how Hanuman gets a little worried about Mini's relation with her father but his constable asks him to have patience and handle the situation well. Later Babita, Mini, and Hanuman together decorate the house for the Diwali celebrations. Khatri send a box of sweets at Babita’s house along with legal papers to sell Patiala Babes. Mini gets infuriated and yells at Khatri for sending legal papers to them. Babita tells Mini to relax, as she thought it wasn’t a bad idea to sell the shop when they would be able to get a good price for it. Mini tells Babita that they would have to look after the shop and work harder to keep it going.

Babita tells Hanuman that she wanted to consider Khatri’s offer, as she wanted Mini to pay attention on her studies. She tells Hanuman now that she is involved in her house, she did not want to pressurize herself with the shop’s responsibility and wanted to consider selling it. Hanuman tries to knock sense in Babita and tells her that Mini had put in equal efforts to make Patiala Babes where it was and she couldn’t let her work go waste without consulting with her. On the other hand, Mini puts in her focus and get to work to get orders for Patiala Babes. She connects with her people around and start promoting in full swing.

Just then, Mini receives a mail which said that she had got full scholarship to study in the foreign university. She jumps in excitement but reality hits her. She knew she couldn’t leave Babita in an ignorant condition and go to study in a foreign country. She also knew, Patiala Babes needed her and if she left the decision on Babita, she would sell off Patiala Babes to Khatri. Mini shares her dilemma with Mickey and Preet. They motivate her to grab the opportunity, as getting a full scholarship was a rare thing. Mini tries to reason out and tells them about the current situation. While talking, Saroj passes by and Preet bumps into her.

Mini picks up the papers that had fallen on the ground and happened to read few lines of the legal document. She gets shocked to learn that Babita’s parents had divided their property equally between Babita and her brother. She gets furious at Saroj, as she had put her through struggle when they had their own house. Mini accuses Saroj of having evil intentions and not informing them about the will. Saroj tells Mini that she would convince Babita to give them the house but Mini protested. Saroj goes to Babita and tells her a fake story that her parents wanted to give the house to her brother after she had gotten married but before they could alter the papers, they passed away. Mini tries to intervene but Babita stops her.

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