Patiala Babes Written Update, November 8, 2019: Babita is rattled up

In the latest episode of Patiala Babes, we see how Babita signs the papers ignoring Mini's requests about it. Meanwhile, Hanuman receives a promotion in his job and runs back to his house. Everything went upside down when Babita heard of his plan about shifting into the new city.
Patiala Babes Written Update, November 8, 2019: Babita is rattled upPatiala Babes Written Update, November 8, 2019: Babita is rattled up
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In previous episode, we see how Babita wants to sell Patiala Babes while Mini receives a full scholarship at a foreign university. Later, Mini learns about the will Babita’s parents had left. Mini fights with Babita as she was behaving naïve and agreed to sign the papers. Saroj had managed to convince Babita now that she was married, she could give the house to them as she no more needed it. Babita agreed to it but Mini protested against it. Mini tried to knock sense into Babita and make her remember the times when they were struggling. She tells Babita not to take stupid decisions which she would regret later. Babita shrugs Mini’s request and goes ahead to sign the papers. Saroj mocks Mini, as she had told her earlier that she would make Babita sign the papers.

Mini calls Hanuman and complains about Babita to him. Hanuman tells Mini that if Babita was happy doing that let her remain peaceful. Mini doesn’t understand Hanuman’s logic and gets upset with him. Just then, Lala comes excited and hands a letter to Hanuman. Hanuman reads the letter and gets overjoyed. He had got promoted to Sr. Inspector. Hanuman comes home and breaks the news to Mini and Babita. Babita gets happy to know about Hanuman’s promotion and goes to offer her prayer to God. Meanwhile, Mini learns that along with the salary raise, Hanuman would be transferred to a new location. Babita overhears and makes a fuss about Hanuman leaving her alone.

Mini tells Babita that she was with her and to let Hanuman take the promotion while they could run the business. Hanuman promises Babita for a weekly visit and tried to convince her. Babita gets anxious at the thought of Hanuman leaving and feared the history to repeat itself. She tells Hanuman that she wanted to go with him wherever he was getting transferred, as she wanted to stay with him. Hanuman tells Babita that she did not have to leave the house and her business which she had put in labour at, for his transfer.

Babita tells Mini and Hanuman that at no cost she would let him leave without her and that she had decided to sell the business to Khatri. Mini gets shocked to hear Babita’s decision and leaves in anger. Hanuman tells Babita that he was not like her ex-husband who would leave her and that he would always remain loyal to her. Babita tells Hanuman how she thinks he and Mini were not understanding her need to stay with her husband and famiy but pressurizing her to continue working, when she did not even want to be a business woman in the first place.

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