Prema Entha Madhuram, 17th September 2021, Written Update: Anu’s parents get emotional

Published on Sep 17, 2021 07:03 PM IST  |  74.3K
Prema Entha Madhuram, 17th September 2021, Written Update: Anu’s parents get emotional

In today's episode, the Vardhan family is happy and excited about Arya's wedding. Arya gets disheartened thinking about Anu's parents. Arya asserts that he has many people who care about him and support him, whereas Anu only has her mother and father. Keshava tells him that he and Meera will go to Anu's house to assist them. Mansi says she'll join them because she wants to be with Anu as her sister. Neeraj, Mansi, Meera, and Keshava decide to go to Anu's residence.

Jalandhar sends Meera an anonymous text message. He tells her not to be afraid because the priest who can identify her isn't coming. Keshava receives a call from the priest informing him that he will be unable to attend, but that another priest will be sent in his place. Meera gets a courier from Jalandhar.

 A suspicious Mansi receives Meera's courier and refuses to give it to Meera. Meera requests that it be returned to her, but Mansi points out that she has no family or friends who can send her a courier, and how can she be so certain that it is her courier. Meera claims to have received a message. When Mansi asks her to demonstrate, she avoids the question. Sharada asks Mansi to return Meera's courier. Sharada believes it is inappropriate to constantly make fun of Meera. "Vardhan family's happiness is also what she wishes, and that's why she wants Meera out of the house," Mansi says to herself.

Anu's friends assist her with her preparations. Anu's mother breaks down when she sees her daughter in bridal attire. Padma calls Subbu to take a look at Anu in her wedding dress. When he looks at Anu, he is at a loss for words. The 3 of them share an emotional moment as they reflect on their time together.

Meera recalls Mansi's words. The courier slips out of her grasp and she picks it up.

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