Prema Entha Madhuram, 21st September 2021, Written Update: Arya reveals Rajanandini’s truth

Published on Sep 21, 2021 03:04 PM IST  |  66.4K
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Prema Entha Madhuram, 21st September 2021, Written Update: Arya reveals Rajanandini’s truth

In today's episode, Arya asks if Anu has faith in him. She says yes. They walk hand in hand to tell Subbu the truth. Arya asks Keshava to organise a press conference.

Reporters inquire as to why the news conference was called so suddenly. Arya claims that he will reveal something that many people have been wanting to know for a long time. Before exposing the truth, Keshava urges with Arya to reconsider. Arya shocks everyone by revealing that Rajanandini was his first wife in front of the media.

Arya informs Subbu that he intended to tell him the truth a long time ago, but circumstances prevented him from doing so. He claims that Anu knows the truth and that she accepted him and his past. Mansi and Neeraj inquire about Rajanandini's whereabouts. Arya says she is no longer in this world.

Reporters question Arya about why he kept his past hidden from the public eye. Arya claims that his enemies tried to falsely accuse him, which is why he never wanted to share the truth with anyone. He displays a newspaper article claiming that he murdered his wife on their wedding day.  

Reporters inquire as to why he is finally disclosing the truth. Arya claims he has two reasons. He wants to be an open book in front of Anu's parents and prove to them that Anu is safe with him, and his opponent is attempting to incite him once more. He then summons Muralidhar to present proof to prove the truth. 

Muralidhar says that Arya is telling the truth and explains about Arya's competition with Jalandhar is in business. Arya married Rajanandini and she died under mysterious circumstances, so Jalandhar tried to blame Arya and offered Murali a large sum of money to print the article. Jalandhar kidnapped his family and forced him to print the article when he refused. Murali compliments Arya's character, and everyone in the room applaud him. 

Arya tells Subbu that Anu's character reminds him of Rajanandini and that he has fallen in love with Anu without his knowledge. And he wants Subbu to decide whether or not Anu and Arya should marry, and if he has any reservations, he can take Anu away with him. 

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