Roja, 16th November 2021, Written Update: Will Ashwin and Pooja get married?

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Roja, 16th November 2021, Written Update: Will Ashwin and Pooja get married? (Pic credit - YouTube)

In today's episode, Pratap insists that no one should leave till the wedding is completed. Everyone waits for Yashoda and Balu to walk upstairs. When Paati mentions hearing the sound of a mobile phone ringing and Balu replies it's his phone, both Yashoda and Balu begin to make their way upstairs.

Annapoorani arrives and bursts into tears at seeing Shenbagam. Shenbagam and Annapoorani had a mother-daughter moment. Annapoorani felt the same way when she learned that Shenbagam had been admitted to the hospital. Annapoorani holds Roja responsible for Shenbagam and Arjun's suffering. Shenbagam explains the issue and requests that Annapoorani give her blessings on Arjun and Roja. Paati requests that Annapoorani permit the wedding to take place with her blessings. Annapoorani agrees.

Annapoorani asks for Anu. Arjun says that he and Shenbagam were in a life and death situation because of Anu. Annapoorani doesn't believe it. Roja and Annaporani argue with each other. Roja says that everyone knows there knows about Anu's planning and plotting. Annapoorani falls quiet as she sees Balu and Yashoda's faces.

Arjun reminds Balu that his phone was ringing. Balu and Yashoda go upstairs and open the lid of the box when they smell it, both burst out laughing. Everyone enjoys it. Arjun reveals to Roja that the last night he changed the bottle of holy water with laughing gas. Annpoorani tries to stop Balu and Yashoda but they laugh uncontrollably. Pratap takes Balu and Yashoda upstairs. Balu and Yashoda show Pratap the bottle, Pratap also smells and starts to laugh. Paati takes Annapoorani along with her to check on Pratap, Balu, and Yashoda. Paati makes Annapoorani also smell the laughing gas. Annapoorani also starts to laugh. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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