Roja, 17th November 2021, Written Update: Ashwin, Pooja and Arjun, Roja get married

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Roja, 17th November 2021, Written Update: Ashwin, Pooja and Arjun, Roja get married (Image: Still from Roja)

In today's episode, because of the influence of the laughing gas, Annapoorani begins to giggle aloud. Annapoorani, Pratap, Balu, and Yashoda can't stop laughing. Paati leaves the room, locks the four people inside, and returns downstairs. Ashwin rushes to call Pooja while Shenbagam grabs the second pair of garlands.

When they are seated for the wedding, Pooja is upset since her mother is not there at her wedding. Pooja's mother arrives and expresses her delight at her daughter's marriage. Pooja is overjoyed. Arjun-Roja and Ashwin-Pooja get married with all the pomp and fervour. The elders bestow blessings on the two couples.

Balu, Yashoda, Annapoorani, and Pratap still laugh uncontrollably. Shenbagam gets emotional seeing Roja. Roja and Pooja distribute gifts to guests. Everyone around is happy. 

Shenbagam approaches Arjun and Roja and informs them that she wants to become a grandma soon. Arjun claims that he initially wants to see Sakshi and Anu in jail before celebrating their marriage. Roja also backs Arjun and persuades Shenbagam to hold off for a time.

Shenbagam requests Arjun to make Balu and Yashoda stop laughing. Arjun and Roja smack Balu and Yashoda repeatedly, but the two continue to laugh. Arjun informs her that Ashwin will be arriving with a doctor. Pooja disguises herself as a doctor and comes. Hearing her voice, Yashoda remarks that Pooja's voice is similar to that of the servant's daughter. Pooja slaps both Balu and Yashoda. She threatens them with a heart attack if they don't stop laughing.

Pooja instructs Roja to get chilli powder and water. Pooja combines the chilli powder with water. Arjun and Roja force Balu and Yashoda to consume it. They eventually cease laughing.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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