Roja, 1st November 2021, Written Update: Will Arjun be able to save Roja?

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 Will Arjun be able to save Roja?
Roja, 1st November 2021, Written Update: Will Arjun be able to save Roja? (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today's episode, Kalpana gets Annapoorani's luggage and asks her to take care of herself. Shenbagam advises Annapoorani to take Ashwin along. Prathap says Tiger Manickam has made all the preparations. Annapoorani says she'll sign the papers and seek blessings at the shrine before returning. Anu is already plotting her nefarious schemes.

Roja asks Arjun whether she may attend the Orphanage's event. Arjun contradicts the idea. Roja attempts to persuade him. Arjun mentions Anu and Sakshi and tells her not to go out. Roja accepts Arjun's request. Their talk is overheard by Anu. Sakshi receives a call from Anu informing her of the situation. Sakshi intends to hurt Roja in the next hours.

Arjun incorporates Ashwin's help in looking after Roja while he is away.

Anu comes to Shenbagam and asks her to go shopping with her. Shenbagam expresses her disinterest. Anu then invites Kalpana to join her. Kalpana tells her not to waste their time and asks Anu to leave. Anu then asks Roja to join her. Roja recalls Arjun's words and decides not to join her. 

Some children approach Roja for help. They claim they aren't able to find a girl among them. Roja considers assisting them. Yashoda mocks Roja and orders the children to leave. Anu, to everyone's surprise, supports Roja. Shenbagam and Kalpana try to persuade Roja not to go, but Roja is determined to help the children. Shenbagam says she'll go along with Roja. When Ashwin arrives, Roja explains the entire thing. They all set out in quest of the child. Pooja joins them in the middle.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.


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