Roja, 21 September 2021, Written Update: Along with Shenbagam, who will perform puja?

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Roja, 21 September 2021, Written Update: Along with Shenbagam, who will perform puja? (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today's episode, Arjun questions Shenbagam about why she hasn't tried any treatments to regain her memory. She claims that she tried everything but nothing worked, and that forcing and thinking makes her dizzy. She claims that God will lead her in the proper direction. Arjun inquires as to how she arrived at the temple precisely at the right time during puja. To avoid his questioning, she pretends to have a headache. Arjun departs, and Saraswathi believes that Arjun is a wise man who will always support and save Roja.

Paati offers Shenbagam jewellery the next day because she believes it will remind her of her past. Paati was relieved to see her daughter again and optimistic that she would regain her memories soon. Shenbagam is informed that she wants to perform a puja on her return home and that Anu will sit alongside her and perform the puja with her. She also requests that she give over the jewellery to her daughter Anu. Shenbagam is apprehensive about puja, but Paati persuades her to participate. Shenbagam questions how she can be certain that Anu is her daughter since she couldn't recall her. Shenbagam also suggests that Roja maybe her daughter.

The discussion is overheard by Kalpana, who notifies Arjun and Roja. Arjun fumes, claiming that only Roja, not Anu, has the right to sit and conduct the puja with Shenbagam. Kalpana backs him up and tells him to find a method for Roja to do the puja. 

Anu instructs Balu and Yashoda to keep a watch on Arjun since he'll undoubtedly plot something and push Roja to perform the puja. In the middle of the conversation, she blurts out something regarding DNA reports, which she somehow manages to avoid in front of Balu and Yashoda.

The puja preparations are complete. Anu calls Sakshi and warns her about Saraswathi's proximity to Roja, as well as her concern that Saraswathi may double-cross them. 

Stay tuned to know what happens next.


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