Roja, 22nd September 2021, Written Update: Roja performs the puja

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Roja, 22nd September 2021, Written Update: Roja performs the puja (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today's episode, Anu and Sakshi are talking on the phone. Sakshi assures her that she will take care of everything. Paati calls Anu to do the pooja. When Anu attempts to sit next to Shenbagam. The priest urges her to sit aside till Shenbagam's puja is completed. Arjun gives Anu a seat. 

When the priests request Shenbagam's daughter to sit with her for the rest of the ritual, Roja prepares to sit, but Paati refuses because she wants Anu to perform the puja. Roja and Anu are supported by Kalpana and Paati, respectively. Arjun intervenes and instructs Anu to do the pooja. Anu won't be able to get out of her chair. Arjun claims that some force is attempting to prevent Anu from performing puja, and then he tells Kalpana that he threw glue on Anu's chair. Arjun's family bursts out laughing.

Balu, Yashoda, and Kalpana try to help Anu, but she claims to be uncomfortable. When the priests tell Arjun that the auspicious moment has passed, he asks Roja to do the puja. Shenbagam and Roja are ecstatic.

The priests do puja and present the jewellery to Shenbagam, who will pass it on to her daughter. Paati argues once more. Arjun replies, "Let Shenbagam restore her memory, and then we'll consider it." Roja receives the jewellery from Shenbagam. 

Roja approaches Anu and tells her that the jewellery means nothing to her, all she wants is motherly care. If she wanted additional jewellery, she might have asked Arjun to bring her more. When Anu tries to take the jewellery, Arjun takes the jewellery and reminds her about the police case, telling her that she can't take this as per court rules till the matter is resolved.

Shenbagam receives the jewellery from Arjun. Shenbagam claims she doesn't know who her daughter is, but she knows who is the better of the two and gives jewellery to Roja.

Anu becomes enraged and destroys everything in her room. Balu and Yashoda attempt to stop her. Then Balu explains what happened and how Arjun put the glue on the chair. 

Stay tuned to know what happens next.


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