Roja, 23rd November 2021, Written Update: Arjun and Roja punish Anu

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Roja, 23rd November 2021, Written Update: Arjun and Roja punish Anu (Image: Still from Roja)

In today's episode, Arjun then asks Anu to get beaten with scourage by Roja. Annpoorani says that this is unfair. Anu says that she'll do as instructed by Arjun. Kalpana asks Roja to proceed. Annapoorani requests Roja to stop. Roja beats Anu. Then Roja asks Kalpana to continue hitting Anu. Kalpana uses all her strength and hits Anu. 

Pooja and other family members enjoy watching Anu get beaten up. Arjun hands the first dose to Anu. She drinks it. To get the second dose, Arjun asks Anu to go to her room and wait. Annpoorani asks Anu to do as instructed by Arjun. Anu goes to her room. Pooja comes with a blanket from the back door, puts it on Anu, and starts hitting Anu with a stick. Anu comes downstairs crying. 

Anu says to Paati that Pooja is upstairs. Arjun and others ask who is Pooja. Roja and Arjun act. Anu asks for the second dose. Arjun says to get the dose, she will be punished. Roja warns Anu and asks Anu to address Arjun with respect. Arjun and Roja get the setup to punish Anu. Roja puts the thorns on the floor. Arjun asks Anu to dance on the thorns and get beaten with the scourage. Annpoorani takes the scourage. Anu dances on the thorns Paati starts hitting Anu. 

Anu requests Arjun to give her the second dose. Roja throws the bottle down. Anu cries, saying she'll die and she is scared. Yashoda asks Arjun to save Anu. Arjun then reveals that he didn't inject any poison into Anu. He just did this to punish Anu, as Anu was the reason behind all the suffering Roja and Shenbagam had to face. Anu questions Paati. Paati says she doesn't know any of these. 

Anu helps Yashoda by going upstairs and applying ointment to Anu's wounds. Paati is worried about Anu.

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