Roja, 23rd September 2021, Written Update: Roja and Arjun enjoy some quality time together

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Roja and Arjun enjoy some quality time together
Roja, 23rd September 2021, Written Update: Roja and Arjun enjoy some quality time together (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today's episode, Bala tells Anu about how he passed out after sipping tea while keeping a watch on Arjun. Anu continues to slap and strike Balu. Yashoda gets a stick and starts striking Balu. When Anu departs, Yashoda apologizes to Balu and claims she can't see anybody else hit her husband.

Roja is looking at a photograph of her mother. Arjun approaches her from behind and embraces her. She expresses her joy to Arjun and thanks to him for helping her sit in the puja. She is gushing over Arjun. They embrace each other and have some tender moments.

Shenbagam comes into the kitchen to assist Kalpana with her cooking duties. Kalpana inquires Shenbagam about her inability to recall even minor elements of her past. Shenbagam claims that trying to remember causes her to become weary and her head to ache. Kalpana advises her to have confidence in God, as he will undoubtedly assist her in regaining her memories and finding her daughter. Kalpana mentions certain earlier events that led Paati to believe Anu was her granddaughter.

Roja arrives and strikes up a chat with Shenbagam. Shenbagam is told by Kalpana that what Roja is claiming is correct; Roja is her daughter, and this is her home. 

Shenbagam inquires about Roja and Arjun's marriage. Roja and Arjun got married under exceptional situations, and Kalpana explains how their one-year contract marriage began, as well as Ashwin's relationship with Puja.

Shenbagam prepares a dish. Kalpana gives it a try and assures Shenbagam that she hasn't forgotten how to prepare it. This is exactly how she used to cook the food years ago, and she is ecstatic. She believes Shenbagam will recall everything shortly, and she summons her husband to taste the dish, and he agrees. After hearing their chat, Anu becomes enraged.

Puja contacts Arjun and informs him that she is in the temple and that this is her last day.

Stay tuned to know what happens next.


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