Roja, 24th November 2021, Written Update: Arjun's plan to mislead Anu

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Arjun's plan to mislead Anu
Roja, 24th November 2021, Written Update: Arjun's plan to mislead Anu

In today's episode, Shenbagam calls everyone to assemble in the hall. Shenbagam talks about the auspicious time for the nuptial night of Arjun and Roja. Anu tries to interrupt while Shenbagam is talking. Shenbagam warns her. When Paati tries to ask Shenbagam how they can decide everything solely, Pratap comes out in support of Shenbagam.

Anu thinks that now Roja will permanently stay in this house. However, Anu says that she won't agree to this. Arjun mocks Anu. Anu tries to give various reasons to stop Arjun and Roja's nuptial night. Shenbagam and Ashwin ask her to stay out of it. Yashoda supports Anu. Paati says that she doesn't find anything wrong with what Shenbagam said. 

Shenbagam says to Annapoorani that she has gifted her many things, but they don't matter to her. If she wants to gift her something, then that would be Roja and Arjun's happiness. Annapoorani says that she is confused about going with her daughter's words or granddaughter's. Arjun suggests taking the help of an astrologer. Anu doesn't agree with Paati. Annapoorani says that they should let Arjun go as everyone might doubt Anu if she goes.

Ashwin goes to inform Pooja about the news. Roja comes to their room and asks Ashwin to go out as she wants to speak to Pooja. Pooja says that she is very happy for Roja and Arjun. She adds that she will only shop for the D-day and arrange everything. 

Arjun asks his assistant to act as the astrologer. He says that he is scared. Roja convinces him by calling him her brother. 

Arjun's assistant enters as an astrologer. Family members take his blessings. He acts as instructed by Arjun. He goes through the horoscopes. An astrologer whispers in Arjun's ear, and the latter says he'll handle it. Arjun puts up an act and says that in 12 months, Paati will die. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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