Roja, 25th November 2021, Written Update: Will Anu learn the truth that Paati's acting?

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Roja, 25th November 2021, Written Update: Will Anu learn the truth that Paati's acting? (Image: Still from Roja)

In today's episode, Arjun pretends to cry and says that Paati will die in a few months. Pratap asks the astrologer to help, as they can't survive without Annapoorani. Anu declares that she will give her life before Paati. According to the astrologer, her life is intertwined with the lives of her grandkids. Anu claims that she will marry Ashwin and become a parent soon, allowing Paati to have a longer life. Ashwin requests that the astrologer come up with another suggestion. Annpaoorani advises on planning Arjun and Roja's wedding night. Anu is taken aback. 

Annapoorani instructs Kalpana to make the required arrangements. Anu is enraged by the current circumstances and intends to put an end to Arjun and Roja's first night at any cost. Roja feeds fruits to Paati. They have a casual conversation. Paati asks Roja to hide in the bathroom when she hears Anu's voice.

Anu behaves rudely with Paati and throws the plate from her hand. Anu and Yashoda ask Paati why she is supporting Roja. Paati makes it clear that she did this to save her life. She asks Anu, Yashoda, and Balu to leave. Anu gets suspicious and goes to the washroom and locks it. Later, Paati showers affection to Roja. 

Kalpana and Shenbagam are happy and converse about their children and lives. They are approached by Arjun and Roja. Shenbagam inquires about Arjun and Roja's love story. Arjun claims that they didn't love each other prior to marriage and that they had a contract wedding. 

Shenbagam and Kalpana bestow their blessings on the two. Roja considers herself fortunate to have them all as family. Arjun receives a gift from Shenbagam. Roja receives a gift from Kalpana. Paati laments the manner in which she has been treating Roja all this time. Arjun and Roja are having a lovely moment.

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