Roja, 28 October 2021, Written Update: Will Shenbagam be able to save Roja?

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Roja, 28 October 2021, Written Update: Will Shenbagam be able to save Roja? (Image: Still from Roja)

In today's episode, Pooja's social media post catches Anu's attention. She thinks about where Ashwin and Pooja were dancing. The next morning, Anu notifies Sakshi that Saraswati is treating Roja as her daughter in front of the family and that she is concerned if Saraswati turns out to be the actual Shenbagam. Anu adds that she wants Ashwin and Pooja to separate and that she wants to get married to Ashwin. Sakshi says not to overthink and that she'll close Roja's chapter completely. Sakshi adds she'll handle everything and soon Shenbagam will announce Anu as the daughter of this family. 

Kalpana and Shenbagam go through Roja's childhood album, and Shenbagam notices that her features are similar to Roja's present. Shenbagam expresses her concerns to Kalpana

The AC mechanic comes home and closes the door when Kalpana and Sumathi go out of Shenbagam's room. He places a knife on Shenbagam's neck and answers Sakshi's video call. Sakshi warns Shenbagam that if she doesn't announce Anu as her daughter in the next 24 hours she will kill Roja.

Shenbagam is worried for Roja and reminisces the time she spent with Roja. She packs her belongings to leave the house for Roja's well-being. Anu stops her and warns her. When Anu gets rude and yells at Shenbagam, Shenbagam slaps Anu and tells her that for now she is leaving for Roja's well-being but will return if anything happens to Roja and will not spare Anu

Anu calls Sakshi and informs her what happened in the house and that Saraswati left the house. Arjun comes home and searches for Shenbagam. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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