Roja, 28th August 2021; Written Update: Arjun and Roja's plan

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Roja; 28th August 2021; Written Update: Arjun and Roja's plan
Roja, 28th August 2021; Written Update: Arjun and Roja's plan (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In the latest episode, Anu promises Sakshi that she will provide as much as money she wants. Sakshi assures Anu that she will find Saraswathi and calls her goons to start searching for her. Meanwhile, Roja brings coffee to Arjun in order to wake him up and reminds him about Anu’s further jail punishments. Arjun wakes up and appreciates Roja for being bold with Paati, yesterday. 

As Anu heads towards the kitchen, she mistakenly hears Roja and Arjun’s conversation in their bedroom. She feels disgusted and decides to go to the kitchen to eat biryani. While Anu eats biryani, Paati sits at the dining table to alert her if someone comes. Paati sees Kalpana coming towards the kitchen, she stops her and asks her to go to the puja room and recite chants as she wants to listen to them. But Kalpana tells Paati that she didn’t take bath yet. Paati tells her that these conditions are only for children like Roja not for aged people like her and Kalpana. As Anu is about to complete her food, Roja and Arjun catch her.  

Arjun and Roja tell Anu that they recorded their voices to divert her. Anu feels locked in the plan of Arjun and Roja. Roja drags Anu to the hall and Arjun tells everyone what she did. But Anu refuses the allegations saying she is innocent. Balu remembers that Yashoda told him about biryani. Balu confronts about bringing chicken to Arjun.

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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