Roja, 30th November 2021, Written Update: Manickam slaps Anu after she suggests calling cops

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Roja, 30th November 2021, Written Update: Manickam slaps Anu after she suggests calling cops (Image: Still from Roja)

In today's episode, Anu approaches Manickam and informs him that the lady acting as Shenbagam at their home is not the genuine one, and her name is Saraswathi. Anu then walks to her room to retrieve the proof. Anu examines her phone for proof but can't find it. Anu accuses Arjun and Roja of bringing Saraswathi to prove Roja as the heir of their family. Anu asks Manickam to call the police. Manickam slaps Anu. Anu claims to be his real daughter and that the woman posing as his wife is a fraud. Manickam claims to know his wife extremely well and that the DNA results would reveal his real daughter in a few days. When Pratap urges Anu to leave, Annapoorani stops and asks Anu to wait till they receive the DNA reports.

When Anu leaves upstairs, Annapoorani instructs Manickam that they should now find out the complete truth and all the specifics about Anu. Manickam thanks Roja for calling and informing him about the situation on time. Roja claims she followed Arjun's instructions. Roja gratefully accepts her father's blessings.

Yashoda and Balu discuss how Arjun and Roja's room is decorated with Anu. Arjun is mesmerised seeing Roja. Roja prays to God and expresses gratitude to the Almighty for giving her the best family. Roja and Arjun receive blessings from their family members. Arjun and Roja perform a ritual as instructed by Kalpana. Everyone waits outside Arjun and Roja's room as the room is locked. Anu is happy as her plan succeeded. Everyone becomes apprehensive as Ashwin explains that the key is with him. He asks for money in exchange for the key. Ashwin leaves to grab the keys, returns, and claims he can't find the key. Arjun gets the key and unlocks the door. Anu goes to check on the keys she hid. When the entire family discovers Anu with keys, they scold her.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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