Roja, 7th October 2021, Written Update: Arjun stops the wedding

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Roja, 7th October 2021, Written Update: Arjun stops the wedding
Roja, 7th October 2021, Written Update: Arjun stops the wedding (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today's episode, Ashwin makes fun of Anu. Roja, according to Anu and Annapoorani, would not assist Shenbagam with the saree because she is not her daughter. Roja makes an attempt to persuade Annapoorani. Arjun claims that Shenbagam doesn't remember her own daughter in the same manner that she doesn't remember Manickam. Paati swears that whatever happens today, Shenbagam will get married. Kalpana and Arjun convince Paati to agree to Roja helping Shenbagam with the saree. Anu and Shenbagam are anxious.

The priest begins the wedding chant. Roja and Yashoda make Shenbagam sit beside Manickam. Arjun tells Roja that the game is about to begin. Shenbagam and Manickam are going to adorn themselves with garlands. Arjun steps in and throws some powder into the fire, making the entire area smoky, and everyone coughs.

Arjun asks that Anu go get some water to put out the fire. Arjun places his leg in such a way that Anu slips and splashes water on the fire while getting water. The priest declares it unlucky and asks that the wedding be postponed for the time being. Something awful will happen to Shenbagam if they do not halt the wedding. Annapoorani is persuaded by the priest's words, but Manickam says he doesn't believe in superstitions and asks to continue the wedding. Shenbagam claims to be in discomfort. Annapoorani requests that Manickam returns to his home.

Yashoda takes Shenbagam to her room. Ashwin and Pooja drive to the temple and have a delightful discussion. Pooja claims she is performing this Puja for Ashwin's sake.

Arjun visits the temple and discusses the court matter with the priest. Purushotthaman arrives at the temple dressed as a beggar in search of Ashwin and pooja. Pooja's brother notifies Arjun about the situation. Arjun sees Ashwin and asks them to leave. Pooja spots Purushotthaman and hides behind the car. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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