Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, 28th July, 2021, Written Update: Kanak accuses Hema for all the wrongdoings

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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, 28th July, 2021, Written Update: Kanak accuses Hema for all the wrongdoings

As the episode begins, we see Kanak accusing Hema for all the wrongdoings and blames her for putting Gehna's life at stake. She calls the cop and asks to talk to Hema's brother while the conversation is going on the cell phone is on the speaker,asks him about who had planned the accident. Sagar tells his sister Hema had planned everything. Hema cannot believe about what is happening; she tries to ask for forgiveness as everything is a lie and tells Chetan to trust her. But everyone in the family is furious at Hema.

Later, Jamuna tells her that she won't be forgiven but punished for sending Anant in the jail. She locks Hema in the store room, tells everyone that no one should open the door of the store room until she permits. She also tells Gehna that she had lied to Anant and leaves from there.

Kanak opens the store room door without telling anyone. Kanak tells her that she got food for her but says she does not deserve it and closes the door and is shocked to see Gehna there. Gehna tells Kanak that there is no use of putting the blame on Hema and she knows that she is the one who gave money to Jaganath.

Kanak asks her about why did she not expose her in front of the family. Gehna tells her that she did not want to harm Desai family again. Hema from the window tells that accident was planned by her asks Gehna to not accuse Kanak and takes the food from them. Hema tells Kanak that she had saved her once, so she did the same. 

Next day, Gehna wears a new saree and is very excited and expects a gift from Anant for their marriage anniversary. Anant compliments her and takes her downstairs. Further they get permission from Jamuna to give ‘prasad’ to Hema. Kanak takes the ‘prasad’ and goes to the store room and while she is going in, she falls down and Hema starts laughing at her.

How long will Kanak hide her crime remains the big question?

(We have seen this episode on the channel's OTT platform.)

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