Sanjivani 2 August 15, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Ishani complains about Dr. Sid

In today's episode of Sanjivani 2, Dr. Ishani complains to Vardhan about Dr. Sid. Later, everyone extends their wishes and gratitude to Dr. Shashank before he goes in for surgery.
Sanjivani 2 August 15, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Ishani complains about Dr. SidSanjivani 2 August 15, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Ishani complains about Dr. Sid
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In the latest episode, a dizzy patient arrives at the hospital and Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani rush to attend her. But Dr. Rishabh comes and tells them that it's his patient and his residents will take care of her further. Later, Shashank convinces Juhi to perform the surgery on him as he has already signed a consent form stating Juhi as his surgeon. Sid and Ishani arrive to meet Juhi and Ishani calls Shashank her uncle which shocks Sid. She requests Juhi to be on the team that will perform surgery on Dr. Shashank. Later Sid taunts her for using her nepotistic advantages to get on the surgery team and as her boss orders her to stay away from this surgery. Vardhan comes along and tells him that he's going to ask Juhi to keep Sid away from the surgery too since he has received an official complaint against him. Ishani asks Vardhan to interrogate Natasha who's still in the hospital about the commission Sid asked from her. 


Meanwhile, Anjali talks to Shashank and asks her if he thinks she's a good doctor and why isn't he making her Chief of Surgery. Shashank tells her that someone with that responsibility needs medical expertise plus the ability to fight corruption and politics in the hospital. Vardhan, Ishani, and Sid go to Natasha and ask her if Sid asked for any commission from her. She denies and makes Ishani's accusation void. Vardhan asks Ishani to come with proof next time she accuses someone instead of unnecessary overconfidence. They leave and Vardhan tells Sid that 3 lakhs are still due for payment. Sid assures him that he'll take care of it. Vardhan also appreciates Ishani for her attempt but tells her that they'll require solid proof against doctors like Sid. Later, Shashank tells Anjali to not blame Juhi if anything goes wrong during his surgery. Juhi also tries to confront Anjali to resolves the differences between them but Anjali doesn't want to. 


Later, Dr. Sid is trying to find another rich client in the cafeteria. Ishani catches him and shows him a rich couple sitting right behind him. She gets ready with her camera to shoot a proof of Sid extorting commission. But Sid distracts her by mentioning Dr. Shashank's surgery. He assigns post-op patients for Ishani to attend to and asks Asha to assist him and be a part of the surgery team. Later, as Ishani is on her rounds she notices the woman who came in the morning with abdominal pain pulling her own hair off and eating it. After prepping the surgery team, Sid and Anjali take Shashank for the surgery. The entire staff of the hospital line up to meet Shashank and wish him good luck. Ishani hugs Shashank and tells him that he is a fighter. Shashank tells Ishani that he's proud of him. Sid enters the operation theatre with Shashank on the wheelchair and Juhi closes the door. Juhi is stressed and tears fall from her eyes.

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