Sanjivani 2 Written Update August 20, 2019: Dr. Juhi saves Dr. Shashank

In the latest episode of Sanjivani 2, Dr. Juhi performs the surgery successfully. Meanwhile, Vardhan suspends Dr. Sid.
Sanjivani 2 Written Update 20 August 2019: Dr. Juhi saves Dr. ShashankSanjivani 2 Written Update August 20, 2019: Dr. Juhi saves Dr. Shashank
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In today's episode, Juhi begins with the nose endoscopy. She is handling with a very sensitive part of the brain and any wrong move can paralyze Shashank. Dr. Sid arrives and asks for updates about how's the surgery going from Ishani. Then he appreciates how Ishani lectured Vardhan. Dr. Anjali tries to interrupt the surgery so Dr. Juhi asks her to leave the OT as she is distracting her. Dr. Sid talks to Dr. Anjali and asks her not to worry. Later, Sid gets called by Vardhan. Ishani tells her co-doctor that she had recorded a video of Sid collecting bribe and Sid had deleted it from her phone. But all her photos and videos get stored on the cloud so she recovered it and sent an email to Dr. Anjali, Dr. Shashank and Vardhan. 

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Vardhan informs Sid that he has been suspended until further notice and asks the security guards to throw him out when he resists to stay until Dr. Shashank's surgery is over. Shashank's blood pressure and pulse begins to drop down. Sid wanders the street and prays to God to save Shashank's life. Juhi performs CPR on Shashank and Dr. Anjali her break a rib. Juhi then uses the defibrillator to give Shashank a shock. He flatlines for a second then comes back to life. Everyone feels relieved. Juhi faints after the surgery. Everyone in the hospital talks about the miracle Dr. Juhi has done. Dr. Rahul informs Dr. Sid that the surgery was successful. Vardhan overhears Ishani's conversation and calls Mistry to inform him that he will have to wait for the CEO position as unfortunately the surgery has been successful. Sid is overjoyed by the news and goes to celebrate Janmashtami. 


Later, Dr. Asha sees one of his friends arriving at Sanjivani. She takes Dr. Ishani to meet him. Asha's friend tries to get away with the excuse of having stomach flu but Ishani catches his lie and tells him that he has a hangover. He's surprised to hear this and asks her how did she know about this. She tells him all the physical signs of a hangover were clearly visible. She throws a glass of water at his face to sober him up. He tries to pick a fight with Ishani but Asha stops him. Asha tells him that hangover or not he has to do her shift since she's going home. Dr. Rishabh arrives and furiously tells them that nobody is going anywhere. They have to be at an accident location to treat all the injured patients immediately. He preps the team on the way. All of them arrive at the location to see the place burning profusely and lots of people lying around bleeding and injured. 

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