Sanjivani 2 October 10, 2019 Written Update: Jessica’s emotional breakdown

Today in Sanjivani, Sid and Ishani build up Jessica’s confidence in herself as she loses heart over her hair falling and her body deteriorating.
Sanjivani 2 October 10, 2019 Written Update: Jessica’s emotional breakdownSanjivani 2 October 10, 2019 Written Update: Jessica’s emotional breakdown
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In today’s episode, Ishani pricks her finger with the needle and Sid immediately sucks on her finger to stop the bleeding. He tells her that she should be cautious now because the lion has tasted her blood and will definitely come for more. Next morning, Anjali checks Shashank’s blood pressure and notices that it has been fluctuations lately. She asks him if he talked to Juhi who might be the reason of his fluctuating BP. Shashank avoids the conversation and teases Anjali about giving him grandchildren as she leaves. He thinks to himself if he should tell Juhi the entire truth and what might be the consequence of it. Anjali meets Juhi outside and tells her that because of her Shashank’s BP has been fluctuating. Both of them get into an argument and Anjali tells Juhi that she has a problem with her father falling in love with someone who is just about her age.


Meanwhile, Ishani and Sid collide on their way and their stethoscopes get entangled. Ishani sees her alter ego again teasing her about getting distracted by Sid all the time. They discuss if they should operate a heart patient they have. As they go to check the patient, they see that his condition has worsened and they need to perform surgery on him today though they have Jessica’s marriage events to attend. Vardhan goes to the secret chamber and meets Dr. Basu there. He asks him if his work has been completed. Dr. Basu tells him that the work is done and the girl has died so they’ve left her body to decompose as per his instructions. As he leaves the room and goes back, Dr. Neil asks him where did he come from. Vardhan avoids the question and asks him to work like a doctor not a watchman. 


Later, Sid and Ishani get busy in the surgery and inform to start Jessica’s event and not wait for them. After they finish the surgery, Ishani meets Asha and she tells them that nothing has begun because Jessica is in distress. Sid and Ishani rush to Jessica to see her combing her hair very roughly and crying over her hair falling excessively. She tells them how Jignesh fell in love with her hair the first time he met her. She cries over the fact that she will not be beautiful anymore for Jignesh. Meanwhile, Shashank meets Vardhan at the event and asks him what’s been going on in his mind. Vardhan asks him to figure it out himself since he’s the best neurosurgeon. He also warns him to do it soon or it might be too late. 

Ishani and Sid consoles her and make her realise that the human body changes all the time and we can only accept this and move on. They build her courage and ask her to see herself in the mirror and call herself beautiful.

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