Sanjivani 2 October 11, 2019 Written Update: Sid and Ishani flirt at the Sangeet

Today in Sanjivani, Jessica’s wedding celebrations begin and Sid and Ishani share flirtatious glances with each other all throughout.
Sanjivani 2 October 11, 2019 Written Update: Sid and Ishani flirt at the SangeetSanjivani 2 October 11, 2019 Written Update: Sid and Ishani flirt at the Sangeet
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In today’s episode, Vardhan notices that Anjali hasn’t worn the saree he gifted her. He thinks to himself that she’s a tough fish to trap and won’t give in so easy so he’ll have to keep trying. Meanwhile, Jignesh eagerly waits for Jessica to arrive. Jessica arrives dressed up beautifully on a wheelchair and Nurse Philo takes her down the aisle. Jignesh gets emotional and tells her that she will never need the wheelchair again because he will take complete care of her. He picks her up and makes her sit on the couch.


Sid looks around and tries to find Ishani. Rahil joins him and asks him where his “heroine” is. Sid sees Ishani arriving in a stunning dress. They both exchange gestures and tease each other for not looking good. They keep sharing flirty glances as Ishani goes to talk to Asha. Rahil teases Sid and says that Ishani looks awful to get a reaction out of him. Later, Vardhan stops Anjali and says that he noticed that she hasn’t worn his gift. She asks him if he wants to forcefully make her forgive him. He denies but hopes that she would forgive him soon. He tells her that she would’ve looked more beautiful with a bindi. Juhi announces how so much has changed except Sanjivani’s love for its people. She asks Sid and Ishani to being the function but sees them engrossed in giving each other flirtatious glances from across the room. She snaps them out of it and asks them to begin.


Before beginning the function, Jessica interrupts everyone and asks why have Jignesh’s parents been quiet the whole time. She asks them if they have their blessings or not. Jignesh clarifies to everyone that his parents like chattering a lot but they had prayed to give up something they love the most for this wedding to be a success which is why they’re quiet. Jignesh’s parents bless both of them and everyone begins with the celebrations. Sid, Ishani and everyone begins with the Sangeet ceremony. They dance with full enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Juhi asks Shashank about their pending discussion. He tells her to ask herself if what he said to her would be considered love. Suddenly, a wardboy arrives and yells emergency. Everyone stops in shock. Later, he tells them that they have run out of food. Everyone laughs and they ask him to not yell emergency in a hospital. They continue their dance off and Sid and Ishani get really close. Sid locks his fingers in hers and turns her around. As they share a moment of closeness, Jessica collapses on the stage. They all get shocked.

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