Sanjivani 2 October 15, 2019 Written Update: Sid behaves rudely with Ishani

Today in Sanjivani, Sid realises that Ishani loves him and he has feelings for her too but he tries to distance himself from her.
Sanjivani 2 October 15, 2019 Written Update: Sid behaves rudely with IshaniSanjivani 2 October 15, 2019 Written Update: Sid behaves rudely with Ishani
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In today’s episode, Rahil teases Ishani and Sid as something seems to be going on between them. Ishani runs away. As Sid walks away too, Rahil makes him realise that he has Ishani’s name written on his hand. He also tells him that he is in love with Ishani and he should just confess about it since it’s also apparent from Ishani’s behaviour that she loves him too. Meanwhile, Vardhan approaches Anjali and shows her a pair of earring. She thinks it’s for her and insults Vardhan for repeatedly trying to woo her. Vardhan tells her that those were for Jessica and he just came to ask for her opinion about them. He also tells her that he has apologised already but he won’t apologise for his feelings for her. Anjali tells him that she’s not interested and walks away.


Sid rigorously tries to rub off Ishani’s name from his hand while Rahil tries to stop him. He tells Rahil that love has no place in his life. His hand starts to bleed as he erases Ishani’s name and walks away. Rahil wonders why Sid was behaving that way. Meanwhile, Anjali realises that she unnecessarily released her anger onto Vardhan. She approaches him and grabs his hand to take him somewhere. Meanwhile, Asha teases Ishani as she doesn’t yell at her for writing Sid’s name on her palm. She tells Ishani that she needs to end her confusion and confess to Sid about her love. Asha runs away and scares Ishani that she will tell Sid about her love. 


Later, Sid and Ishani collide into each other in a room and fall on bean bags that burst. Ishani awkwardly tries to get up and struggles and fall over Sid again. Sid sees his name written on her palms. He pushes her aside and gets up. He shouts at Ishani to stay away from him and not get so comfortable around him. After he leaves, Ishani has an emotional breakdown. Sid thinks to himself that it’s his fault too as he opened up too much to Ishani because of which she fell in love. A nurse comes there asking him if she should administer a painkiller. He doesn’t realise that the nurse is asking that for a patient and says that any painkiller would not be able to ease his pain. Asha sees Ishani sobbing profusely and tries to calm her down. Ishani trembles and stutters and tells her how Sid behaved so harshly with her. She tells her that she’s scared to lose her first love just like she has been losing everything else in her life. Asha consoles her and advises her to not let go of her love so easily. Ishani feels hopeful again and goes out to find Sid.

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