Sanjivani 2 October 17, 2019 Written Update: Anjali’s emotional breakdown

Today in Sanjivani, Vardhan finds Anjali sobbing in a corner over Shashank’s decision to tell Juhi that he loves her.
Sanjivani 2 October 17, 2019 Written Update: Anjali’s emotional breakdown Sanjivani 2 October 17, 2019 Written Update: Anjali’s emotional breakdown
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In today’s episode, Jignesh and Jessica say that they have prepared their vows by themselves. They only promise one thing to each other that is to always be by each other’s side and never leave each other. As they take their circumambulations, Ishani tries to make eye contact with Sid but he keeps ignoring her. Shashank playfully showers flowers on Juhi. Vardhan goes to look for Anjali and finds her sobbing profusely in the corner of a room. He sits down with her on the floor and asks her what’s wrong. Anjali bursts out in more tears and tells him that Shashank finally confessed about his feelings to Juhi. 


She tells him how Juhi is just about her age and despite telling Shashank that she has a problem with Juhi. Vardhan consoles her and listens to her. She vents about how Shashank has always given her the second priority and has always given her share of time and love to Juhi. She cries a lot and hugs Vardhan. Vardhan holds her and calms her down. He tells her that to him she will always be his first priority. He thinks to himself that it is easier to take revenge from Shashank than he thought as Anjali is inclining towards him anyway. Vardhan gets close to her and Anjali stops crying eventually. They hold each other and share a romantic moment.


Meanwhile at the wedding, Sid gets intense flashbacks from his own wedding as he sees Ishani. He throws his turban down and rushes to the washroom. Rahil sees him and goes to see what’s wrong with him. Ishani and Asha see him leave too. Rahil insists Sid to open up to him. Sid tells him that he is in love with Ishani but this is an end to their relationship. Rahil sees no problem as he tells Sid that Ishani loves him too so what is he worried about. Sid refuses to express his feelings to Ishani and says that he cannot take this love story any further. Meanwhile, Ishani tells Asha that she cannot let Sid go so easily as she needs to know what he feels about her. At Jessica’s farewell, Jessica notices that Sid isn’t present. Rahil says that Sid had to attend a patient urgently as an excuse but Sid arrives there soon. Sid warns Jignesh to not trouble Jessica and also hands them over Jessica’s medically approved visa. Next morning, Ishani approaches Sid professionally and tells him his schedule. She also stops him and says that she needs to talk to him besides work as it is important. 

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