Sanjivani 2 October 21, 2019 Written Update: Ishani feels hurt

Today in Sanjivani, Ishani waits for Sid to talk to her but feels hurt as she realises Sid tricked her to send her to the hospital.
Sanjivani 2 October 21, 2019 Written Update: Ishani feels hurtSanjivani 2 October 21, 2019 Written Update: Ishani feels hurt
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In today’s episode, Ishani waits outside Sid’s house and Guddu asks Sid to let her in. Sid hopes that she will leave as pests and rodents would irritate her but Ishani doesn’t budge. Meanwhile, Vardhan comments on how cute Juhi and Shashank’s love story is but Juhi feels uncomfortable. Shashank asks him to not interfere in their personal matters. Meanwhile, Ishani attends calls from the hospital while she’s outside and sees Sid peeking through the window. Sid asks her to leave but Ishani refuses. Later, Vardhan asks Anjali to meet him in his car. Guddu opens the window and tells Ishani that he saw Sid holding a cloth and crying. Sid stops Guddu from talking to Ishani but he insists as she’s his friend. 


Ishani waits relentlessly outside Sid’s house but he doesn’t let her in. Soon, Ishani gets a call from Rahil who asks her to come to the hospital immediately as her patient is critical. Ishani puts her work above everything and rushes to the hospital but finds the patient completely stable. She looks at Rahil and realises that Sid asked him to call her here. She feels disgusted as they played games with her job and she asks Rahil to tell Sid that she would never want to see his face again. Sid listened to this as his call was active on Rahil’s phone. He feels like he did the right thing and decides to continue until anger is the only emotion Ishani feels for him.


Later, Juhi contemplates if she should go in to Shashank’s cabin or not. Shashank just asks her to come inside. She gets surprised as to how did he realise that she was standing outside. He tells her that her perfume arrives before she does and that’s how he knew. Later, Shashank confuses Juhi by asking about her answer to his question about love and another question about a conference that they’re supposed to hold. Juhi gets perplexed if she should say yes or no as the question Shashank is asking is unclear. Later, Shashank tells her that answers to some questions needn’t be provided as they are simply understood. Next day, Sid enters the hospital and sees Ishani coming towards him. He feels like she would ask him questions again but Ishani just passes by him without even acknowledging him. Sid feels absurd when Ishani doesn’t stop for him. Later, a wardboy rushes to inform nurses that Ishani has met with an accident. Sid overhears this and feels devastated as he gets a flashback of Malvika’s accident. 

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