Sanjivani 2 October 3, 2019 Written Update: Sid cooks for Ishani

Today in Sanjivani, Sid spends the night at Ishani’s house and cooks for her. Later, at the hospital, they find out that Jessica has stage four cancer.
Sanjivani 2 October 3, 2019 Written Update: Sid cooks for IshaniSanjivani 2 October 3, 2019 Written Update: Sid cooks for Ishani
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In today’s episode, Ishani closes the door as soon as she sees Sid and tells him that he should go as it’s too late and she was sleeping. Sid asks her why would she be sleeping at 8 pm. He apologises to her for scolding her and says that it’s okay if she doesn’t want to open the door. Ishani realises that she was at fault too. She opens the door and apologises as well. Sid just barges into the house and begins to look around while Ishani tries to stop him. He asks her if she lives alone and Ishani feels embarrassed but says that she’s happy to live alone. He sees that she is eating frozen packaged food and throws her food in the dustbin. Ishani tells him that she was very hungry. He tells her that it is not healthy to eat frozen food. He offers to cook her Aloo Paratha and begins to look around for ingredients. 


Meanwhile, Anjali comes to talk to Vardhan who is in a bad mood. She pours out some alcohol for him. Vardhan gets very upset with how Anjali sided with Shashank’s decision. He told her that he was deeply disappointed with her because he valued her so much since the beginning and what she did with him was unfair. He gets aggressive and pins her to the cupboards behind his desk while he expresses how he’s feeling. Anjali tells him that he’s hurting her. He apologises and takes his hands off of her. Anjali tells him that he never really valued her; he only put a price on her but failed to realise that she wasn’t for sale. Ishani asks Sid if he knows how to cook, he tells her that his mother taught him well as asks if her mother didn’t. She tells him that she tried when she was very young but when she grew up her mother wasn’t around to teach her. Sid asks Ishani to help him cook. He sees her struggling to get the flour container from the top shelf and leans in to help. Ishani gets awkward as he gets really close to her.  


Sid the teaches Ishani and guides her by holding her hands from over her shoulder. Ishani feels her heart rushing everytime Sid gets close to her.  Later, she asks him why is he here and not with his date Ms. Bandra. He sees Ishani’s happy face as he tells her that he can no longer go out with Ms. Bandra. She acts like she sympathises with him. He asks her why did she cry and did he trouble her so much. He tells her that he came to her house because she makes him happy. But he realises that he said all of that in his imagination. When Ishani really asks him why is he here, he tells her that it was just to cook Parathas for her. He serves her tha paratha and she gets emotional as she takes a bite of it. She tells him that nobody has ever done something like this for her. He eats a bite from her hand and feeds her too. Next morning, Shashank asks Nurse Philo to show her daughter’s reports to him because she is like a daughter to him too. Ishani wakes up at the sound of a ringtone and imagines to see Sid sleeping next to her and gets shocked. She realises that his phone is ringing and sees him sleeping outside on the couch. She wakes him up and he answers Asha’s call. She asks him where he is and Ishani gestures him to not tell them that they’re together. Aman callas Ishani and he hears her ringtone through Sid’s phone. Asha suspects that they’re together when Sid that that ‘they’ will be there soon. He disconnects the call in a jiffy as she continues to ask more questions. Later, Juhi, Shashank, Sid and Ishani look at Jessica’s reports. Juhi tells them that she only has 6 months or a year to live as cancer has spread all over her body. 

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