Sanjivani 2 October 8, 2019 Written Update: Vardhan surprises Ishani and Sid

Today in Sanjivani, Sid and Ishani seek approval from Vardhan for Jessica’s marriage and get surprised as he agrees immediately.
Sanjivani 2 October 8, 2019 Written Update: Vardhan surprises Ishani and Sid Sanjivani 2 October 8, 2019 Written Update: Vardhan surprises Ishani and Sid
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In today’s episode, Shashank tells Ishani and Sid how Juhi also used to care so much about their patients when she joined Sanjivani. He tells them that they did have a patient’s daughter’s marriage in the hospital because his last wish was to see her get married. Ishani and Sid ask if Jessica’s marriage would be possible too. Shashank approves of it but he asks them to handle Vardhan’s tantrums as he might not give them the approval to do that. Sid and Ishani discuss about this. Sid thinks that they should finish the wedding and then tell Vardhan about it because he will never give his approval. Ishani refuses to go along with Sid’s plan and thinks they should get official permission from Vardhan. Sid asks her why is she so afraid of breaking rules to which Ishani replies that she is already bearing the brunt of her parents breaking rules and she cannot continue to add onto that pain.


As they walk out talking about sending an email to Vardhan, Vardhan overhears them and asks Ishani what is it about. Ishani explain to him about Jessica’s condition and tells him what they have in mind. As they expect Vardhan to refuse, he surprisingly approves their idea and thinks it’s great. He gives them the permission to arrange Jessica’s wedding in the hospital. Sid is surprised and suspects something fishy. After they leave, Rishabh asks Vardhan why did he allow their plan. Vardhan looks at Anjali standing afar and tells Rishabh that sometimes during wedding people become sentimental and notice the emptiness in their lives. Rishabh doesn’t understand what Vardhan was trying to say so Vardhan just asks him to join Sid and Ishani and enjoy the event and not stress too hard to make sense of everything. 


Later, Shashank also gets surprised as he hears that Vardhan agreed with them at the first attempt. He tells them that their team is magic and they should think about teaming up often. He calls Nurse Philo and informs her. She gets overjoyed and thanks Shashank, Sid and Ishani. Later, Ishani and Sid gather all the staff to inform them about the plan. They begin to discuss about sharing the responsibilities. When Asha mentions that they will need a priest, Rishabh steps in and offers to arrange for the best priest. Everyone gets surprised but Sid hugs Rishabh and lets him take the responsibility as he too is a part of Sanjivani. After everyone leaves, Sid and Ishani wonder what benefit would Rishabh derive from helping them because he never does anything that doesn’t benefit him. They go and sit in the cafeteria. Ishani sips on her black coffee and keeps the mug. When Sid says that there is definitely something between them, Ishani’s heart begins to race. He meant to say something similar between them with regards to their opinion on Vardhan and Rishabh. Ishani gets nervous and unintentionally picks up Sid’s coffee and drinks from it. Sid notices but he lets her have it. He picks up her cup that has Ishani’s lipstick stain on it and as he takes a sip from it Ishani’s heart begins to beat faster. She runs away and Sid chuckles at how Ishani runs away from him so much. Later, Juhi confronts Shashank and apologises to him for mixing her personal resentment with her work. She also tells him that he wasn’t responsible for her divorce because Rahul had changed a lot morally after he left Sanjivani. She then asks him if he was really in love with her.

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