Sanjivani 2 September 10, 2019 Written Update: Sid tries to talk to Ishani

Today in Sanjivani 2, Sid realises that Rishabh is the real culprit behind the posters. He tries to talk to Ishani but she slaps him instead.
Sanjivani 2 September 10, 2019 Written Update: Sid tries to talk to IshaniSanjivani 2 September 10, 2019 Written Update: Sid tries to talk to Ishani
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In today’s episode, Asha, Aman and Preeta console Ishani and tell her that they will always stand by her. Ishani feels better and cries. Meanwhile, Dr. Sid accuses Dr. Rishabh of putting up the posters. Sid tells him that he will prove his innocence and get Ishani back on his team. Rishabh says that this will happen when Ishani stays in Sanjivani. Dr. Shashank is infuriated when Juhi tells him about the man hitting Anjali and Ishani. When he rushes to see who was the man, Juhi tells him that if he showed his care and concern to Anjali all problems between them would disappear. Both of them see Rajat sobbing with his wife mourning about having no child. Shashank appreciates how Juhi knows everything about his family but hides everything about her. He asks her how is Dr. Rahul. Juhi looks at him and becomes speechless. 


Later, Dr. Rishabh shows Sid the petition everyone has signed to get Ishani fired from Sanjivani. But when he sees Ishani enter the room he pretends as if Sid has filed the petition and is asking him to sign it. Ishani is shocked. Sid goes to her and tries to clear up the misunderstanding but she doesn’t listen to him. Later, Vardhan and Anjali decide to file a complaint against Rajat for being violent. Dr. Juhi tries to make them understand the situation Rajat was going through. Ishani arrives and Vardhan asks her if she consents to make the complaint. Ishani refuses. Anjali taunts her and says that it’s good she denied otherwise their case would’ve become weak considering Ishani’s parents’ track records. Juhi asks Ishani to leave. Later, Dr. Rishabh offers Ishani to join his team and assigns him a case. 


Later, Dr Shashank brings Rajat and asks Anjali to listen to him. Rajat cries profusely and apologises for his behaviour. Looking at him, Anjali feels bad and agrees to not make a complaint against him. Sid tries to get Ishani back on his team and tells her that all of this is just to create a riff between them. Ishani avoids him and leaves. Rishabh mocks Sid for being so desperate to get Ishani back. They get into an argument and Sid almost punches Rishabh. Ishani sees them and stops their fight. Sid goes to the washroom and tries to think of a way to talk to Ishani. Ishani discusses Veronica’s case with Rishabh. She tries to ask questions about the case but Rishabh asks her to only follow what he says and not to things on her own. He jokingly says that Veronica is the hen that lays golden eggs for him meaning that she is the reason for his high billings every month. So they can’t just let her go by diagnosing her. Ishani feels absurd and helpless as Rishabh does not give her the liberty to find out what’s wrong with Veronica. Later, Ishani gets a message to come to the ambulance from Rishabh. She enters the ambulance and sees Sid there and realises that he used Rishabh’s phone to text her. Sid tries to talk to Ishani but she threatens to jump out of the moving ambulance if they don’t stop it. She doesn’t attempt that but fights with Sid and insults him. Rahil stops the ambulance and hears Ishani slap Sid. 

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