Sanjivani 2 September 11, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh insults Ishani

Today in Sanjivani, Ishani treats Rihsbah’s patient and doesn’t follow his orders. He gets furious and removes her out of his team.
Sanjivani 2 September 11, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh insults Ishani Sanjivani 2 September 11, 2019 Written Update: Rishabh insults Ishani
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In today’s episode, Ishani slaps Sid and doesn’t give him a chance to speak. She insults him and calls him a fraud. She leaves the ambulance furiously as Sid tries to convince her that he wasn’t the one who put up the posters. Later, Dr. Rishabh meets Veronica and takes Ishani along. He asks Ishani to get a lot of tests done to figure out Veronica’s problems. Ishani tries to suggest that so many tests are not required but Rishabh glares at her and intimidates her so she just agrees. Meanwhile, Asha informs Sid that she has been moved to his team but she wants to go back to Rishabh’s team because Ishani needs her support right now. Sid sees a man coming out of the washroom. He asks him if he’s okay but the man just collapses on the floor. Sid asks Asha to go get the gurney while he checks the patient. 


Rishabh discusses with Vardhan how Ishani is silently following his commands and has begun to hate Sid. Vardhan shows Ishani giving discharge to Rishabh’s most important patient. He approaches Ishani and asks her why didn’t she do the tests he had asked her to . Ishani explains that she studied Veronica’s case and found out that the blood in her coughs wasn’t because of a problem in the lungs or chest it was because of her periods. She suggested a contraceptive pill to her and solved her problem so the need for tests didn’t arise. Rishabh reluctantly appreciates Ishani in front of Veronica but after she leaves he begins yelling at Ishani for not listening to him. He throws her out of his team for not following orders and treating his patients according to her whims and fancies. The staff begins to gossip about how problematic Ishani is. Sid stops them and tells them that she is extremely talented. He approaches Ishani and asks her to join his team again and not take Rishabh’s words to her heart. Ishani runs and gets into the elevator. 


Asha and Sid try to catch up but couldn’t. They get a text calling for an emergency as the patient Sid found in the washroom is getting unstable. Sid and Asha attend the patient and Asha asks Neil to join them too. As Neil arrives he prepares himself to see some blood but he gets shocked as he goes in and freezes. The patient Sid found turned out to be Neil’s father. As Sid realises it is Neil’s father, he asks him to leave. He asks Asha to call Dr. Rahil to help him and console Neil. Ishani goes to find another team to join and ends up complaining about Dr. Hirani sleeping on duty. Shashank laughs and talks to Ishani. He tries to lighten her mood and assures her that she will find another senior soon. Neil sees his father in surgery. Asha and Aman stand by him to make him feel better. His father begins to lose a lot of blood and Sid asks Dr. Gupta to call Dr. Juhi immediately. Neil panics and begins to scream. On her way Juhi accidentally pushes Ishani who is walking depressed because everyone shuns her and nobody wants her on their team. Aman consoles her. But he ends up telling her a story that gives her the thought that she should leave Sanjivani as she doesn’t belong there. Aman realises and tries to stop her but she leaves.

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