Sanjivani 2 September 12, 2019 Written Update: Sid and Ishani slow dance together

In today’s episode of Sanjivani, Sid goes to persuade Ishani. He manages to convince her to come back and help him on Neil’s dads case.
Sanjivani 2 September 12, 2019 Written Update: Sid and Ishani slow dance togetherSanjivani 2 September 12, 2019 Written Update: Sid and Ishani slow dance together
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In the latest episode, Neil gets emotional seeing his dad in critical condition. Juhi tells Shashank that this case is very tricky. Aman comes running to the room and informs everyone that Ishani left Sanjivani. They all begin to argue about who put up the posters because of which Ishani left indirectly referring to Dr. Sid. Shashank asks Sid to get Ishani back. Ishani is crying on her terrace replaying all the insults she faced at Sanjivani. Suddenly, Sid climbs up and gets on the terrace with a Bluetooth speaker. He tells her that she was ignoring her doorbell so he had to climb up here


He asks her to come back but she refuses. He then asks to just dance with him for a while as it will cheer her up. After he insists a lot, she agrees but they don’t touch each other. They hover their hands over each other and their bodies and sway along with the music for a while. After some time Ishani gets lost in dancing and places her hand on Sid’s shoulder. Sid talks to Ishani and she realises that her hand is on his shoulder. He tells her that the people who are not taking her in their teams are idiots and he’s not the one who put the posters. He tells her about Neil’s fathers critical condition. He leaves it up to her if she wants to come and help on the case. 


Meanwhile, Vardhan and Dr. Anjali inaugurate the Luxury ward with the minister and announce Anjali as the Chief of Surgery for the ward. Anjali sees Juhi arrive there and gets frustrated. Vardhan takes the minister for a tour of the luxury ward. He shows him the latest amenities and facilities that will be provided to the patient as well as their family members. Later, the press ask questions to Vardhan and Anjali and try to find out why Dr. Shashank wasn’t present for such a big event. They speculate that maybe he doesn’t agree with the idea of the luxury ward but Vardhan asks them to not make things controversial as the ward was made with everyone’s consent. Later, Anjali goes and expresses to Juhi that her father would have definitely been here if she would have become the Chief of Surgery and shows how disappointed she is in him for not attending an event which was so special for her. Later, Aman, Asha, Rahil and Sid try to figure out Neil’s father's illness. Ishani arrives and suggests something. Everyone feels happy to see her back and go and hug her. Soon as Neil talks to his dad he realises that his father is hallucinating and saying made up things. He immediately calls everyone there. They check his fathers bag to find if he is on some kind of medication which might be affecting him. Sid finds some bills and an address. He decides to go check the house he’s staying in, to find any medicine that he has been consuming. He asks Ishani to join and help him.

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