Sanjivani 2 September 13, 2019 Written Update: Ishani and Sid get trapped

Today in Sanjivani, Ishani and Sid go to the house Neil’s father is staying in and get locked inside accidentally.
Sanjivani 2 September 13, 2019 Written Update: Ishani and Sid get trappedSanjivani 2 September 13, 2019 Written Update: Ishani and Sid get trapped
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In today’s episode, Ishani and Sid leave to search the house where Neil’s dad is staying to look for what medication he is on. As they reach there they see a watchman who stops them from going in. While Ishani pleads him, Sid bribes him and he allows them to go in. It begins raining and as they enter the house that Neil’s dad was here to surprise him for his birthday as he had decorated the house. They begin looking for anything that can hint towards his disease. Sid finds that the coolant has been leaking as he steps onto a wet carpet. They come to the conclusion that he has pneumonia. Ishani takes a sample of the dirty water. 


As they head towards the door to leave, it shuts. They try really hard to open the door and other doors but they all lock from the outside. Meanwhile, Anjali confronts Shashank about the luxury ward inauguration and his absence. She mentions Juhi in the conversation which angers Shashank who tells her to not make everything about Juhi. Anjali tells him that Juhi is indeed coming in between them. Juhi listens to this conversation with sister Philo from outside the cabin. Sid and Ishani also don’t get any network on their phones. Ishani blames Sid for everything as he is jinxed. Meanwhile, Asha gives Neil’s dad some sedatives because if he stays awake he will keep hallucinating which is bad for him. Later, they all wonder where Sid and Ishani are as their phones are unreachable.  


Sid struggles with finding network as it is heavily raining outside. He sings down hopelessly. Ishani throws a pillow at him for giving up so easily. They begin to pillow. Later, Sid tells Ishani that he wasn’t the one who put up the posters and she clarifies that she had not complained about him to Vardhan. Suddenly, Ishani begins to cough badly but doesn’t let Sid near her to help. He offers her water and tries to pat her back but Ishani gets agitated and throws the water at him. He gets angry and asks her why she keeps pushing everyone away. Ishani tells him about how everyone pushed her away when she was small because of her parents, so she decided to not let anyone close to her heart to save herself from getting hurt. Sid consoles her and tells her that they all are like a family at Sanjivani and she just needs to trust them a little. After a while, Sid makes her smile and asks her for a hug. As he opens his arms for a hug, Ishani stops him as the phone got signal from where he’s standing. But they lose the signal as Ishani takes the phone. Meanwhile, Rahil defends Sid as Asha and Aman blame him for everything. He tells them that he will prove them that Sid wasn’t behind the posters and looks towards Rishabh. Ishani awkwardly asks Sid to pick her up so that they can find signal as there is no other option left. Sid is surprised but he lifts her up and they get close. 

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