Sanjivani 2 September 16, 2019 Written Update: Anjali reveals why Juhi was fired

Today in Sanjivani, Juhi invites Anjali and Shashank to resolve the differences between them but she gets shocked when Anjali reveals the truth. Meanwhile, Asha tries to find out if Sid is innocent.
Sanjivani 2 September 16, 2019 Written Update: Anjali reveals why Juhi was firedSanjivani 2 September 16, 2019 Written Update: Anjali reveals why Juhi was fired
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In today's episode, Sid and Ishani continue fighting with each other while trying to find network. Anjali receives a gift from an anonymous person congratulating her for the luxury ward. Meanwhile, Asha goes to find if Rishabh was the one who put up Ishani’s posters. She confronts him and says that she has the footage from the new security system that he wasn’t aware of and that she will leak it. Initially, Rishabh refused to understand what Asha was talking about but later when she threatened him he confessed. Later, Anjali calls Vardhan to thank him for the gift. Vardhan says that he hadn’t sent her anything. She wonders who sent her the gift when Juhi arrives and says that she sent it. 


Rishabh blackmails Asha and asks her to mind her own business unless she wants to go back to her village and get married to a stranger. Juhi invites Anjali for dinner. After she goes, Anjali tells avardhan that she doesn’t intend to go. Vardhan suggests her to go as keeping the enemy close can be very helpful in finding out their strategy. After Rishabh leaves, Rahil and Aman ask Asha about what happened. She confirms that Dr. Sid is innocent. Meanwhile, Ishani finally finds network and they call Asha immediately to inform about the disease Neil’s father has so that they can begin his treatment. They also ask her to help them get out of the villa. 


Later, Juhi confronts Anjali about the problems between them. Anjali tells her that she envies how Shashank always chooses her over his daughter. Later, Juhi surprises Anjali as Shashank arrives there too. Shashank is surprised to see Anjali as well. Juhi had planned to get them together to talk. Meanwhile, Neil thanks Ishani and Sid for saving his father’s life. During the conversation, Anjali asks Juhi to leave Sanjivani. Shashank tries to pacify her and asks her to not have any more wine. Sid arrives and invites everyone to come home to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. He even invites Ishani specially. Anjali goes ahead and asks Juhi if she knows why Shashank has fired her from Sanjivani years ago. Shashank tries a lot to stop Anjali and even Juhi tells her that she doesn’t want to know because she trusts that Shashank would’ve done that due to a professional reason. Anjali reveals to her that the reason was in fact personal. She tells her that Shashank was in love with her and may still be in love with her even today. Juhi is utterly shocked listening to this. Later, Asha reveals to the group that Rishabh was the one who put up the posters and makes them listen to the audio she recorded when he confessed to her. Sid asks Ishani if she finally had a reason to like him and forgive him. Ishani is in dismay at how she misjudged Sid. She thinks about how her perspective about people needs to be changed.

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