Sanjivani 2 September 24, 2019 Written Update: Ishani feels something for Sid

Today in Sanjivani, Rishabh doesn’t let Ishani spend time with Sid but finally as Ishani gets to see Sid she notices that her heart races at the sight of him and she wonders why.
Sanjivani 2 September 24, 2019 Written Update: Ishani feels something for SidSanjivani 2 September 24, 2019 Written Update: Ishani feels something for Sid
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In today’s episode, as Sid wakes up and looks at Ishani she feels her heart racing and sees an imaginary butterfly on her shoulder. Sid asks her if she’s ready to listen to his ramblings. She agrees and happily sits beside him. Sid is surprised to see Ishani agree with him so easily and tells her it doesn’t suit her. He asks her to call him names like she used to and pester him about everything. She tells him that she has promised to be by his side. He makes her promise that she would never shed another tear from her beautiful eyes. Ishani tells him that she was worried that she would lose him. He asks Ishani for her hand. She readily gives her hand for him to hold. He gets up wanting to go to the washroom and asks her if she will be comfortable with him holding her hand henceforth. She says yes and supports him while he walks. She tells him that she has already lost a lot of people and she doesn’t want to lose him now. Sid sees that she’s stressed and asks her to go home and rest. But before that he asks her to give him a hug since this is a big change. Ishani hugs him and Sid holds her gently in his embrace for a while. Dr. Rishabh arrives and interrupts their moment. 


Meanwhile, Juhi meets Shashank in the parking area and tells him that he was right about the surgery. They both reconcile and agree to work together for Nandini’s surgery. Juhi asks Shashank to park his car in the spot but while he is about to she scratches his car with her car and tells Shashank that she just needed to get done with the frustration before the surgery. Both of them laugh and leave. Rishabh asks Ishani to assist him since she is on his team. He tells Sid that all his cases have been handed over to him now. After Ishani leaves, Rishabh insults Sid for being an illegitimate child. Rishabhs’s father arrives with fruits for Sid. Sid tells Rishabh that he might be illegitimate but at least he’s not living like an orphan despite having a father. After Rishabh leaves angrily, Sid apologises to Rishabh’s father. Later, Juhi and Shashank perform surgery on Nandini and just like the old times they talk to each other with their eyes. The surgery gets done successfully.


Meanwhile, Rishabh keeps Ishani engaged in a lot of cases so that she doesn’t get time to meet Sid. Ishani asks Asha to give Sid his medicines and take care of him since Rishabh is not allowing her to meet him. Ishani keeps thinking about Sid while checking patients and keeps talking to them about him. Meanwhile, Sid wears his doctor’s coat despite Asha asking her not to. Asha sees that he’s bleeding as he ruptured his stitch. Later, Ishani sees that Sid is checking patients while he’s sick. She asks Asha why didn’t she pay attention to him. Asha assures her that she will handle Sid and sends her back to work as Rishabh might find news ways to torture her if he sees her near Sid. Ishani completes her work and tells Rishabh that her shift is over. He tells her that he is supposed to decide whether her shift is over or not. Asha arrives there and asks Rishabh to let Ishani go as she is not feeling well. She winks at Ishani to pretend like she’s ill. Ishani pretends to be nauseous and says that she has a headache. Rishabh lets her go. She goes to see Sid. Guddu is playing with Sid and taking him around on his wheelchair. Ishani sees Sid and the imaginary butterfly again comes to land on her shoulder. She wonders why her heart begins to beat faster when she sees Sid. She goes out and collides into Sister Philo. She sees that nothing happened to her when she saw Sister Philo. She goes back in and feels butterflies again when she sees Sid. 

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