Sanjivani 2 September 30, 2019 Written Update: Ishani can’t stop daydreaming

Today in Sanjivani, Ishani accidentally holds Sid’s hands in the OT while daydreaming. Later, they both argue like couples in front of Nurse Philo.
Sanjivani 2 September 30, 2019 Written Update: Ishani can’t stop daydreaming Sanjivani 2 September 30, 2019 Written Update: Ishani can’t stop daydreaming
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In today’s episode, Sid tries to talk to Ishani and give her the halwa he made for her but she avoids him awkwardly and runs away. Later, Ishani tells a story to a little girl to make her stop crying as she checks her. Ishani narrates the story of a princess and a monster and imagines herself as the princess and Dr. Sid as the monster while narrating. She tells the patient how the monster saved the princess and the princess’ perception of the monster changed since then. The little girl tells Ishani that then the monster should be called a prince and a hero. Ishani agrees and makes the girl smile. Sid enters with a bowl of halwa and asks the girl if he can tell her a story too. He feeds her halwa and tells her a story of how a prince worked all night to make this halwa for the princess but the princess is too stubborn and is not having it. 


The halwa is about to finish and Sid offers the last bite to Ishani and as she leans in to have it, Sid feeds it to the little girl. Ishani gets disappointed but Sid was ready with another bowl and a spoon wrapped in foil for Ishani. He feeds Ishani the halwa while she admires him. He gently wipes some halwa off her lips and Ishani’s heart begins to beat faster. She runs away to the washroom. She repeatedly tries to convince herself that Sid is not her prince or her hero and there’s no such thing as love. She panics and tries to calm herself down to not feel attracted to Sid. Later, she goes to assist Sid and Rahil for a surgery. Sid asks Ishani her opinion on what method they should use for the surgery. She gets lost in his eyes and begins to daydream.


She dreams of admiring his tiny eyes and strong hands. Sid snaps her back to reality and she realises she was actually holding Sid’s hands. She gives her opinion on the surgery but she realises that her heart has begun beating fast again so she asks Sid to let Rahil assist him because she’s not well. After she leaves, Rishabh arrives there and informs Sid that Nurse Philo has called him urgently as her daughter has been admitted. He tells him that his case has been handed over to him so he will perform the surgery. Ishani hands over her files to Asha and tells her that she held Sid’s hand in the OT what if she kisses him accidentally if she doesn’t realise that she’s daydreaming. Sid walks past her and asks her to join him for an urgent case. As they both meet Nurse Philo’s daughter Jessica they see her constantly bickering with her fiancé Jignesh. Jessica’s students are with them to visit her too. Ishani takes Jignesh’s side as it is valid for him to stress out because Jessica fainted while Sid takes Jessica’s side and tells Ishani that she needs to chill and not stress everyone out. They start bickering like couples too when one of the kids say that more love means more fight. Nurse Philo also teases them and says that such fights only happen between couples. 

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