Sanjivani 2 September 9, 2019 Written Update: Sid hunts for evidence

Today in Sanjivani, Sid decides to find the person who put up the posters and prove his innocence to Ishani.
Sanjivani 2 September 9, 2019 Written Update: Sid hunts for evidenceSanjivani 2 September 9, 2019 Written Update: Sid hunts for evidence
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In today’s episode, Sid worries about Ishani and picks up the phone to call her but instead he gets a message from Dr. Shashank about celebrating his discharge. Dr. Juhi asks Shashank to rest after he leaves as she gives him the discharge papers. Later, Shashank sees Sid worried and asks if he needs help. Meanwhile, Vardhan celebrates with Dr. Rishabh on successfully destroying Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid’s image in front of the whole hospital. He tells Dr. Rishabh that he doesn’t like the way they work so this had to be done. Dr. Shashank asks Sid to find out who put up the posters and clarify his stance. He also hints that he suspects Vardhan.


Later, sister Philo is upset with what Dr. Sid did but Juhi tells her that he has not been proven guilty so they cannot accuse him and talk about him like that. Suddenly, a man named Rajat comes along with his wife whose water seems to have broken. Juhi rushes to them and asks them if they need to go to the maternity department. The wife resists delivering her baby in a hospital and is skeptical about the doctors and the machines. Rajat requests Juhi to arrange for a room and a midwife. Juhi assures them that they can trust the doctors here and asks sister Philo to call Dr. Anjali to attend to the woman immediately. 


Dr. Rahil teases Dr. Sid as he impatiently waits for Ishani. Ishani arrives and Sid tries to talk to her but she doesn’t listen. She asks Dr. Juhi to transfer her to another team as she doesn’t want to work under Dr. Sid. Juhi agrees and sends her to assist Dr. Anjali in the meantime. Dr. Anjali taunts Dr. Ishani regarding her parents before the surgery. Ishani feels humiliated. They perform the surgery and find out that Rajat’s wife doesn’t have a baby in the womb. They realise it’s a case of Phantom Pregnancy where the woman experiences everything about being pregnant but actually isn’t. Sid tries to find the CCTV footage from the security but the guard tells him that Dr. Juhi had come looking for it earlier and they found that someone had deleted the footage already. Anjali and Ishani go to inform Rajat about his wife’s condition. He gets agitated and thinks that they killed his child. The security guards hold him back as he gets aggressive and slaps Dr. Anjali. He also recognises Ishani from the posters and hits her too. Ishani falls and hurts her forehead. Dr. Juhi asks the guards to take him away and tells him that what he has done is a crime and will not be tolerated. Asha helps Ishani as she cleans up the wound on her forehead and consoles her. Meanwhile, Sid and Rahil try to find other evidence about the person who put up the posters. 

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