Sanjivani August 12, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Sid meets Dr. Ishani

In today’s episode of Sanjivani, Dr. Sid saves a drowning boys life. Dr. Ishani clashes with Dr. Sid on her first day at the hospital.
Sanjivani August 12, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Sid meets Dr. IshaniSanjivani August 12, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Sid meets Dr. Ishani

The episode begins with Sid sweet-talking to a girl whose name he can't remember. Meanwhile, two little boys try to steal snacks from the food counter at the trek. Their mother who is cooking food yells at them but they take the food and run away anyway. One of the boys slips and falls into the nearby lake. He begins to drown while his mother and everyone else calls out for help. Sid sees the reflection of a kid drowning in the girl's sunglasses. He rushes to save him and jumps into the water. As he brings the kid up he notices that he isn't breathing. The hospital is 35 km away and everybody around is panicking for someone to save the child's life. Sid takes action and cleanses a Swiss knife and a pipe-like necklace with alcohol. He makes a slit in the boy's throat and inserts the pipe to make a passage for air. He calls the hospital and lies about needing a helicopter to save the Home Minister's child. The child's mother asks where he was taking him to which Sid says that he's taking him where lives are saved by humans and not God, to Sanjivani.


As they reach the hospital Sid gives all the details of the child's condition and assures his mother that he will be fine. Meanwhile, Ishani enters the hospital with stars in her eyes and a big smile on her face. But she bumps into Sid and immediately both begin to argue. She notices that Sid's eyes are diluted and he probably has a low BP and offers him chocolate. Sid mocks her and tells her to visit the psychiatrist on the month floor. Ishani leaves and asks at the reception for the convention hall. This time she bumps into Asha and banters with her. But since both of them are first years, Asha calls truce and offers to be friends with Ishani. She also thinks Ishani is short-tempered but she gets along with her anyway. Meanwhile, Dr. Shashank is on his way to deliver his speech. He passes the hallway interacting with the patients. Later he stops at a corner feeling uneasy. Vardaan looks at him and smirks. He goes to wish him good luck for his speech. He tells him that since he's leaving his post he fears that the new interns and resident doctors won't take him seriously. Shashank tells him that he's merely leaving his post, not Sanjivani.


Sid doesn't attend the orientation as it's more important to save the child's life. He remembers every line from Dr. Shashank's speech and while reciting it he notices that bleeding has begun in the child's brain. He immediately asks to book an OT and inform Dr. Shashank to perform the surgery. Vardaan finds out that Sid has booked the OT when no operation was scheduled today. He confronts him and tells him to not carry out the surgery if the patient cannot pay the bills. He then rushes to meet someone. After the orientation, Dr. Anjali feels upset as her father didn't announce her name as the next Chief of Surgery when Dr. Asha asked him a question regarding it. Vardaan instigates her. Later, Ishani and everybody else receives their coat and ID badge. She feels proud and happy but later feels sad ass her uncle calls her up but doesn't remember her birthday. He mentions to her to not reveal her surname to anybody to which she thinks to herself that she wouldn't want anyone to know about her parents either. Asha comes along and wishes Ishani and tries to cheer her up. 


As Ishani is on her way to report for her duty she sees the child Sid had brought in a terrible condition. She immediately rushes to help the child. The nurse asks her to not intervene in another doctors patient but Ishani tells her that saving the child is of utmost importance. She makes arrangements and brings the boys body temperature back to normal. Sid's assistant doctor thanks her and asks her to update Sid Mathur. Meanwhile, Sid is convincing a celebrity to get some treatments done and quotes her 8 lakhs for it. While passing by, Ishani overhears this conversation and misunderstands Sid. She thinks he's running some kind of scam and threatens to expose him. Sid is unphased by her threats as she's a newbie walks away.

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