Sanjivani 2 August 14, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Juhi is in a dilemma

In today’s episode of Sanjivani, Sid and Ishani perform surgery together but Ishani is still adamant on complaining about Sid. Later, Dr. Shashank puts Dr. Juhi in a dilemma.
Sanjivani 2 August 14, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Juhi is in a dilemmaSanjivani 2 August 14, 2019 Written Update: Dr. Juhi is in a dilemma
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In the latest episode, Dr. Ishani begins the surgery without even asking Sid. She performs the surgery really well and Sid tells her that he’s impressed by her muscle memory. She still isn’t on good terms with Sid and tells him that she’s going to complain to his boss about his corrupt business. Later, Vardhan intimidates Sid and tells him that he will fire him the day he gets to know about where he’s arranging the money to pay off poor patients’ bills. Meanwhile, in the washroom, Asha is talking to Ishani about Rishabh but Ishani is lost in her thoughts. Dr. Anjali enters and Asha tries to tell Ishani but she doesn’t pay attention. Later, Asha tries to introduce herself to Anjali but she shuns her. Ishani notices Anjali and approaches her to complain about Sid. Anjali tells her that he’s one of the best doctors and while Ishani reacts to the news of Dr. Shashank having brain tumour Anjali tells her to mind her own business. 


Later Vardhan asks a doctor about Dr. Shashank’s condition. He goes to talk to him and offers him flowers. Dr. Shashank taunts him that he must be really happy looking at him dying. Vardhan pretends to be polite and says he respects him as a doctor and their enmity was only professional. He tells Shashank to not worry as he will do only whatever’s best for Sanjivani. Everybody at the hospital is gossiping about Juhi. Meanwhile, a girl tells Asha about Juhi as Asha thinks Juhi and Aman are supposed to be first year resident doctors. Juhi is seen arriving at Sanjivani and thinking about all the memories she has had here. Juhi enters the hospital and notices Anjali who seems resentful. She also sees everyone looking at her and feels a little uncomfortable.


Meanwhile, Sid is talking to Shashank and Shashank appreciates how Sid is standing up for the poor. They have a light hearted conversation and just then Ishani barges in. Shashank tells Sid and the security guard to not worry as she’s here to meet him. He sends Sid outside to talk privately with Ishani. Ishani expresses her sadness as she got to know about his tumour. She also asks him where she should complaint if she needs to about someone. Shashank jokes with her and asks her who is about to bear the brunt of her wrath but Ishani doesn’t disclose Sid’s name to him. After a while, Anjali brings Juhi to Shashank. Juhi talks to him and later reads all his reports and scans. She tells him that performing surgery on him might result in him losing his memory. But Shashank persistently asks her if she would perform this surgery. Juhi tells him that she cannot take such a big risk. Shashank asks her that would she just let him die then? This leaves Juhi in a dilemma. Sid talks to Ishani and realises she didn’t complain about him to Shashank. Sid accidentally comments if she had some trauma in her childhood because of which she has mental problems now. He sees her expression change immediately and realises he shouldn’t have commented on her personal life. He immediately apologises to her but Ishani asks him to keep his apology ready when she complains about him.

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