Santhwanam, August 24, 2021, Written Update: Shiva misunderstands Anjali

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Santhwanam, August 24, 2021, Written Update: Shiva misunderstands Anjali

Episode starts with Shiva leaving tearfully, after he left, Anjali starts telling how she started loving Shiva. Anjali goes on to say that Shiva has a good heart and cares for others, he’s better at understanding things even more than a highly educated person and he will do anything for the ones he loves. Anjali further adds that she loves Shiva even more than herself now.

Shiva stops at a lonely place and remembers what Anjali said. He gets angry and throws away the halwas that he bought for Anjali. Anjali calls Shiva as he’s late but he does not answer Anjali’s calls.

Sethu goes to the store and sees Shiva drinking. When he asks Shiva what’s the matter, Shiva tells him the things he heard. Shiva tells Sethu he too didn’t like Anjali at first and how he eventually started loving her. Sethu tells Shiva that he must have misunderstood and there is no such thing. Sethu asks him why wouldn’t anyone love him. Shiva in turn asks him the things Anjali said she wanted in her husband. Shiva then starts blaming himself for spoiling Anjali’s life.

Back home Anjali is worried that Shiva is not home yet and decides to call him. She finds out that his phone is switched off. She feels like she should tell this to someone. She couldn’t tell anyone as she finds them all sleeping.

Shiva asks Sethu to not tell these things to anyone. He asks him why Jayanthi and his mother-in-law hate him so much and he tells Sethu that he forgave them for Anjali.

Anjali tells Kanan and Hari that Shiva is not home yet.

Shiva is all drunk and decides to go home. Sethu asks whether he should drop him home. Episode ends with Shiva saying he’s all alone from now.

We have seen this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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