Santhwanam, August 28, 2021, Written Update; Aparna finally joins the job

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Aparna finally joins the job
Santhwanam, August 28, 2021, Written Update; Aparna finally joins the job (Credits: YouTube)

Today’s episode starts with Shiva rethinking his decision to let Anjali go to her house and wonders whether she is going to stay at her home. Aparna wakes up and gets ready for her first day at work. Devi is up early preparing food for Aparna and Kannan and she discusses Aparna’s job with Balan. They, then see that Aparna is up early and getting ready to go for work. Anjali, who has been up all night, fakes her sleep as Shiva wakes up. Hari sees Aparna putting on a lot of makeup and reminds her that she’s going to the bank and not for a fashion show.

Anjali asks Balan for permission to go to her house and the latter agrees to this. She tells him she will be staying there for a few days and lies that her mother is sick. Balan wonders why they didn’t know about Anjali’s mother being sick yet. Everyone wishes Aparna good luck as she is about to leave for work. 

Remembering about the past, tears fill Shiva’s eyes as he waits for Anjali. He thinks about all the good times they once spent with each other. Moreover, Anjali packs her bags and promises herself that she won’t return to Shiva, since she believes he has no feelings left for her.

Aparna officially joins the job and the secretary asks her to be serious during her training period. One of the staff shows her table, which is at a corner of the office. Another staff member shouts a file number and she doesn’t understand what he meant, while one of them mocks her by saying there may be snakes in the shelves and asks her to be careful about it. As the episode ends Aparna is in dismay to see the reality of her job.

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