Santhwanam, September 10, 2021, Written Update: Shiva tries to see Anjali

Published on Sep 10, 2021 04:02 PM IST  |  103.8K
Santhwanam, September 10, 2021, Written Update: Shiva tries to see Anjali

As the episode starts, Hari is trying to wake Aparna up, but she tells she isn’t feeling well. Hari thinks that she is lying just to skip work. Hari compels her to wake up and get ready. As Aparna walks past Devi, she asks Aparna what’s wrong with her. Aparna tells her she’s isn't feeling nice and has been dizzy since she woke up, this excites Devi.

Aparna goes back to the room and asks Hari not to go to the store today and tells him she isn’t going to work either. As he asks why, she tells him they should be going to the hospital to get a check as they think she is pregnant. Hari and Aparna hug each other in joy when they realize they are going to be parents. Aparna asks Hari to keep it a secret till it’s confirmed. Devi tells Aparna to be careful from now on and to take care of herself.

Shiva sees Kannan sleeping and decides to wake him up. Then he goes to Hari and sees that he’s really excited. Hari doesn’t tell him the reason and he tells him he will reveal it later.

Anjali wakes up to realize she woke up really late and wonders if she might have called her. She scolds her mother for not waking her up early. Balan enquires why Hari and Aparna didn’t go to work and Devi tells them Aparna is having stomach ache and manages to send them away.

Shiva passes by Anjali’s house multiple times in hopes of seeing her. Anjali comes out and Shiva tries to get her attention but he fails. Shankaran sees Shiva outside his house and asks him to come in but Shiva refuses. As the episode ends, Shankaran wonders why she didn’t come in.

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