Santhwanam, September 17, 2021, Written Update: Sreedevi questions Shiva

Published on Sep 17, 2021 05:44 PM IST  |  67.4K
Santhwanam, September 17, 2021, Written Update: Sreedevi questions Shiva

As the episode starts, Anjali is all alone in her room, lost in her thoughts. Savithri brings her dinner and asks her to have it and tells her how she hasn’t been having dinner in the past few days. Savithri then asks her if she even remembers what day it is. Shankaran tries to defend Anjali and Savithri reminds them both it is Anjali’s birthday tomorrow. Shankaran makes plans to visit the temple tomorrow.

Balan confronts Shiva regarding his issues with Anjali and Shiva tells him that there aren’t any issues between them, he is just worried as she is not here. Balan tells Shiva to bring Anjali home if there aren’t issues between them and Shiva tells him he can’t do as she left on her own will and she will be back on her own.

Balan then takes this matter to Sreedevi and tells her there are some serious issues between Anjali and Shiva. They recall how Shiva has been acting strange since she left.

Savithri wakes up Anjali from her sleep and Anjali doesn’t even realize what time it is. She gives her a saree and asks her to get ready. Meanwhile, Shiva is woken up by Devi, and he too has lost track of time and Devi notices that he hasn’t slept all night.

As Shiva is about to go to the store Devi asks why he isn’t bringing back Anjali if there aren’t any issues between them and asks him to open up. Shiva tries to tell the things that are worrying him and Devi doesn’t understand what he meant.

Savithri and Shankaran are all excited to go to the temple and Anjali informs them she isn’t willing to go to the temple today. Savithri gets mad at Anjali. As the episode ends, she asks Anjali if she even cares for her.

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