Santhwanam, September 20, 2021, Written Update: Shiva buys gifts for Anjali

Published on Sep 20, 2021 05:44 PM IST  |  82.7K
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Santhwanam, September 20, 2021, Written Update: Shiva buys gifts for Anjali

As the episode starts, Shiva takes suggestions from Kanan regarding what gift he should buy for Anjali. Kanan doesn’t realise Shiva is talking about giving a gift to Anjali, but he gives him a few funny ideas. Shiva decides that he himself will choose Anjali’s gift.

Back home Sreedevi is still upset about what she heard from Lakshmi. Aparna comes to her and tells her that she performs the ritual as per Lakshmi’s instructions. Balan comes home and informs them that it is Anjali’s birthday today and he learned it from Shankaran, who visited him today. As Aparna is about to call Anjali to wish her, Balan stops her and reveals his plans to bring Anjali back home today. Balan tells Devi how Shankaran told him about issues going on between Anjali and Shiva.

Kanan arrives at home and he happens to tell Balan about how Lakshmi scolded Sreedevi for revealing the news of Aparna’s pregnancy to Jayanthi. Balan decides to talk to Lakshmi about this. Devi tries to stop him, but he doesn’t listen to her. Balan clears the air between them and he tells Lakshmi that no one wishes to see Aparna’s child more than Devi. Lakshmi tells them she was just upset with Jayanthi and didn’t mean to hurt her feelings.

Shiva arrives at the store with a gift for Anjali and he doesn’t show it to Hari. Then, Hari tells Shiva that he’s happy now that his mind has changed and Shiva tells him nothing has changed, it is just his responsibility.

Jayanthi arrives at Anjali’s home and Savithri tells her how Anjali refused to celebrate her birthday. Jayanthi learns that neither Shiva nor anyone from Santhwanam family wished her. As the episode ends, she plans to use this opportunity to turn Savithri against the Santhwanam family.

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